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This Farmer #ftb in North East is Revolutionising Agriculture. It aims to Conserve Local Wisdom by creating 100 Food Forest Models in the Model Villages through 426 Green Commandos #independenceday#

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Samir with Green Commandos

Samir Bordoloi is an Award winning Innovative Farmer. He is the Recipient of "Best Agripreneur of the Country Award, 2017", "National award Pragati Puraskar, 2016 for Organic Farming", "Krishak Ratna Award, 2018" and "IARI Innovative Farmer Award, 2019". Samir was in Conversation with the Editor, #AgricultureWorld, Dr Lakshmi Unnithan. He says he is also an Entreprenuer and a strong believer that his religion as a farmer is to feed the world with God gifted local food. He says in his conversation with Agriculture World that when we lose our Farms to exotic food crops with hybrids and modified crops, we lose our freedom of saving seeds for the next year.

Pineapples grown in forests

He has developed a new concept of growing local food inside the forest. In this process he explains that they do not bring anything from outside into the food forest. He doesn’t pamper them either, but lets them grow naturally with all the biota in the forest.

For the last ten years he has been working on the concept of local people, local food and local economy. He believes that conserving the local food wisdom is the only way towards Healthy living and a fruitful livelihood for all our farmer friends. This is the only way to have independent farmers, who don’t depend on corporates. Our Green Northeast India has many nature gifted food crops which are our Healthy Healing Food.

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His way of farming with nature is creating food forest. They have established the Spread NE food forest at Sonapur, Assam. The Spread NE Farm Learning Centre at Sonapur has a camping zone to learn and experience about food forest and ecological farming. The green Commandoes will train you to create food forest. They have created this food forest through seed bombing, zero tillage and many other ways. They are in the process of creating 100 Food Forest in their model villages now. Samir has been teaching in different schools since 2008 to create food forests and he treasures the tons of beautiful memories with these wonderful kids.

Food Forests

He says he feels this is the way the farmers of Northeast India should move ahead to keep the greenness of the region as it is. This is the only way to conserve our local food wisdom and create food sanctuaries of local Healthy Healing Food crops.

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Food Forests

He has at present On-line Activity Based Training Programme on How to make a Home Immune Garden. Learn about the immunity building local crops, how to grow them, making the soil mix, turning your kitchen wastes to compost, vermicomposting, roof top gardening with all the resources available at home and many more.

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