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An Engineer turned Entrepreneuer Manufactures trendy Solar Cookers that cooks the heartiest of Meals faster than Gas and helps Rural Women generate a Sustainable income through the Brand KIVU

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Vivek Kabra is Mechanical Engineer from Maharastra Institute of Technology and did his M.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in Field Of Study Energy Systems Engineering. He is also the Founder and Chief Creator at Simplified Technologies for Life. He is also the recipient of many Honors & Awards like Young Inspirator Award, Changemaker Award – Innovation, Rashtriya Swayam Siddh Samman, Mahesh Idol 2016 and Guinness World Record for Largest Solar Cooking Class. All these awards were for SUNWINGS the state-of-the-art Solar Oven that can boil, bake, roast, steam and even barbecue to perfection. He was always fascinated by his mother in his childhood who used to make rice and dal in the old world model of box type of solar cooker and that led him to create simplified technologies for Life and SUNWINGS, the Solar Oven.


Vivek goes on to say that he was very particular about healthy food and the way it should be cooked also. The Normal gas would heat up food and by that way we always lose out on the nutrients and so went on to research and thus those research has taken him to manufacture the Solar Oven. As the heat is already inside the oven and it dissipated very slowly and heats the food, the colour, texture and fragrance of the food cooked using solar oven is extraordinary says Vivek. He also goes to tell us about the Endeavour where the Rural Women have started making products like Rajgira & Multi spice cookies where his wife and her friend has formed a brand named KIVU to sell the products  and it seems they are selling big time in superbazaars and metro cities  and its already a hit. KIVU products are sunbaked, handcrafted, refined sugar and refined flour  free.

Equipped with 3 Utensils it can cook lentils, rice & vegetables simultaneously in 30 minutes or bake 1 kg of cake or bread in just 20 minutes, once the oven is preheated. It can also be used to BBQ Vegetables, Chicken or Paneer Tikka; roast the perfect Baatis or even make Condensed Milk (rabdi/basundi) with absolutely no effort.


SUNWINGS also has unique heat storage that absorbs heat in the afternoon and releases in the off-Sun hours to cook dinner between 5-8 pm. The Unique feature of the Solar Oven is Concentrate, Convert and Retain heat. It has Solid state heat storage, Dual manual tracking and Preheating possible. The main parts are a reflector Assembly, Absorber Assembly and Housing.

The Product specifications are

Cooking time

Takes 1-1.5 hour for warming up from 8-9.30 am. Cooks 1.8 kg Rice or Vegetables in 30 minutes once heated up.Bakes  1 Kg cake or Bread in 29-30 minutes. Stores heat to cook dinner in an hour between 5-8 pm.

Utensil Capacity

It has 3 one litre Anodised Aluminium with thermal battery,3  two litre Stainless Steel without thermal battery and Can also be equipped with a single utensil of 10 litre capacity without thermal battery pack up.



Weight is 15 kg without food, owing to its small size and weight and can be easily carried for picnics. Peak temperature is 250 degrees C without food. The maintenance would be cleaning of dust on the tube and reflector.Owing to ample availability of clear Sun, open space and free time in majority rural areas, some entrepreneurs have started using SUNWINGS for commercial production.  It is currently available at Rs. 18,900 for 3 ltr capacity and Rs. 21,000 for 6 ltr capacity. KIVU is one such example wherein rural women get a sustainable source of livelihood by baking healthy cookies with a positive socio-environmental footprint.

The key benefits are with regard to Health, Environment, Economic and National. More nutrients per meal every  time. Reduces CO2 emission equivalent to what could be absorbed by 110 trees. Easy and free access to the fuel source, the sun. Saves 6-8 cylinders peryear. If we look at National benefits it could range from cleaner cities, healthier citizens and Reduced forex expenditure .It starts pay back in 2-3 years. Now let’s have a look at the revenue part. The Capacity is 1Kg cake /bread in 20-30 minutes.2 Kg cookies in 4 hours.8 Kg corn or potatoes per day.300-400 /day by investing 4-5 hours a day. Simple pay back of 2-3 months of the machine cost. The life expected is 20 years with no maintenance expenditure.


The SUNWINGS advantage is that we could establish a Solar bakery for Sustainable livelihood generation. A mother could earn without compromising her family priorities. It is affordable there is no set up cost except the machine cost. Easy to carry, safe to use and no smoke and no coal, cooks in closed conditions also. So isn’t SUNWINGS a perfect addition to your houses or to start a sustainable enterprise.So why wait ,let’s start right away.

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