Thousands of fish died of depleted oxygen in Jhelum River, Kashmir

Thousands of fish were found dead in shores of the Jhelum River of Kashmir valley due to oxygen depletion.

A video of the incident, which went viral, shows that people in these areas filling their bags with fishes and the fishes are not making any resistance while being caught. The man appeared in the video says that this is almost everywhere in Jhelum and fishes are literally floating to the shores.

Initial reports suggest that it is due to the dissolved oxygen depletion and high pH levels in the water. Amid confusion over the incident, people are doubtful about consuming fish. The government has issued an advisory to desist from fish consumption till the final report is out.

A few years back in 2012, a similar situation was reported in Nigheen Lake for which low level of oxygen was cited as the main reason.  

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