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To Enhance Agriculture in India by Israel is on Cards

KJ Staff
KJ Staff


 Mr Netanyahu, the first Israeli Prime Minister to visit India in more than a decade, had landed in Delhi with wife Sara Netanyahu and a 130-member business delegation. Mr Netanyahu is in India on a six-day visit, during which the two nations hope to deepen ties in trade and defence. The Israeli PM is also expected to visit Mumbai, and PM Modi's home state Gujarat, where the two leaders will hold a joint road show on Wednesday.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale further added  that discussions were held on improving agriculture in India, using technological breakthroughs achieved by Israel. 

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The corner stone of India's agricultural revolution is due to availability of improved varieties of cereals, oilseeds, pulses & other crops, breeds of livestock including poultry and fisheries, horticultural plant materials and improved management practices for increased productivity, sustainability and stability of various crop and livestock enterprises. This has triggered the search by the farmers for availability of quality seeds, planting materials and other inputs, easy accessibility to diagnostic services for soil fertility and plant protection. Technological changes are taking place more rapidly now then at any other moment in the history of mankind. The latest slogan is "Innovate or Perish". The future belongs to those countries who can successfully compete in this race for technological innovation. Old technologies are becoming obsolete and giving way to the new ones for improving efficiency and reliability. The dry land farming which of late has acquired considerable importance, has witnessed a sea-change, and modernization is taking over. Its time for Indians to develop their drylands to accommodate and feed the growing population, by learning lessons from Israel.

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