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Tractor Rally Turned Violent; Who is Responsible, Annadata or Someone Else?

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Pennant Hoisting by Protestors
Pennant Hoisting by Protestors

What happened on 26th January 2021 is no less than a National Shame…. 

But who is responsible for this act?  

Farmers were protesting peacefully for 60 days, and as per the plan, farmers told that they will peacefully organize tractor parade in Delhi and will try to make people aware of the importance of Annadata, and what Annadata is facing presently. 

But, things overturned during the march, nothing happened the way it was told by the farmers and farmers’ organizations and their leaders. Delhi police tried their best to control the situation. In fact, they have already removed the barricades from the places where the tractor rally route was planned. But the protestors broke the barricades of other places and made the situation violent. Not only this, violent march took away the life of a farmer, and injured many others including police officials. 

The police fired tear-gas shells and lathi-charged the protestors, but farmers remained adamant to move towards the Red Fort. 

All the TV news channels showed the images of farmers hoisting a pennant at Red Fort, the pride of Delhi. Protestors did all the possible disregard acts today, including deviating from the pre-decided routes, using cranes and ropes to tear down the roadblocks, and whatnot. 

Many video clips became viral that showed uncivilized and shameful acts done by the protestors including the disobedience of National Flag, Tiranga, hoisting a pennant at Red Fort, crossing and pushing the barricades out of the way with tractors, making chaos, playing such a cat-and-mouse game with Delhi police, and too much. 

Today, the Whole Nation is questioning, was this all planned by the farmers, are farmers alone responsible for this violence…? 

Many farmers’ leaders said that they followed the routes, they didn’t break the rules, then Who did this…? 

Who is responsible for all this…? 

Taking serious note of the chain of incidents, an emergency meeting has been called by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah following protestors' violence. According to intelligence inputs, some ‘organized groups’ are behind the violent acts. Now this meeting will analyze, what is the actual stimulus behind the violence and provoking the farmers during the tractor parade, and hoisting a pennant at Red Fort. 

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