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Tulip Festival Blooms in New Delhi, Painting Capital with Vibrant Colors

As the capital anticipates the vibrant Tulip Festival, NDMC's initiative promises to bring joy, color, and cultural fusion to the heart of New Delhi.

Shivam Dwivedi
Tulip Festival Blooms in New Delhi, Painting Capital with Vibrant Colors (Photo Source: @hrawat19/X)
Tulip Festival Blooms in New Delhi, Painting Capital with Vibrant Colors (Photo Source: @hrawat19/X)

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is currently hosting a Tulip Festival from February 10 to 21 in Chanakyapuri, marking the onset of the spring season. The festival promises a delightful array of activities, including a captivating tulip walk, an informative exhibition on tulips, and an engaging photo competition. Shanti Path, boasting a 1.5km stretch adorned with tulips of various hues, will be a focal point of the festival. Visitors can explore an exhibition highlighting the monuments around Shanti Path, delving into the rich history of tulips and showcasing the diverse varieties flourishing in Lutyens' Delhi.

Tulip Festival: Photography Competition

Enthusiastic photographers can showcase their skills in the photography competition, which is open until February 21. The competition aims to capture the essence of the tulip festival through the lens, of creating a visual narrative of the vibrant event.

On February 16, the festival will be graced by the Song of Water Indo-Dutch Music Event at Nehru Park. Artists from both India and Holland will perform against a backdrop of blooming flowers, embodying the event's theme of 'see the music, hear the art.'

Beyond Tulips: A Colorful Spring Palette

While tulips take the spotlight, NDMC has plans to incorporate other seasonal flowers such as salvia, petunia, antirrhinum, phlox, verbena, and marigold, ensuring a vivid and diverse spring experience for city dwellers.

NDMC's meticulous preparation involved planting two lakh tulip bulbs of various colors, sourced directly from Holland. The cultivation process commenced in mid-December, spanning major parks, gardens, roundabouts, and the vicinity of prominent locations like the vice-president's bungalow, 11 Murti, and Shanti Path.

Post-Festival Floral Delights

Following the conclusion of the Tulip Festival on February 21, NDMC has exciting plans for subsequent floral celebrations. A Flower Festival, showcasing an array of seasonal flowers, will grace roundabouts, parks, and gardens. Subsequently, the Rose Festival is scheduled from February 24 to March 3, featuring a flower show on March 8-9, and a delectable food festival on March 10, inviting hotels and restaurants to craft flower-based dishes.

Spic-Macay will also host the Music in the Park event at Nehru Park on March 10, adding a harmonious touch to the floral festivities.

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