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UP Tourism Department Partners with Homestays to Boost Rural Travel Experience

Through this partnership, travelers will be able to enjoy a more immersive travel experience that revolves around authentic farm stays and cultural immersion.

Saurabh Shukla
UP Tourism Department Partners with Homestays to Boost Rural Travel Experience (Photo Source: Pixabay)
UP Tourism Department Partners with Homestays to Boost Rural Travel Experience (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Uttar Pradesh tourism department has established agreements with homestay providers, which is a positive move for tourists looking for genuine rural experiences. This collaboration aims to offer visitors an enriched travel experience centered around genuine farm stays and immersion in local culture.

The recently inked agreement signifies a concerted effort to elevate tourism in rural areas by providing tourists with an opportunity to delve into the essence of village life. Through these homestays, tourists will not only have the chance to explore the local culture but also savor vibrant cuisines and learn about the rich tapestry of local folklore. Activities reflecting the distinct rudimentary culture of the region will be on offer, ensuring a truly immersive experience for travelers.

Under the ambit of the Tourism Policy 2022, the state government is extending subsidies to facilitate the establishment of farmstays in rural and proximate areas. Selected villages are being transformed into rural tourism hubs to offer visitors a unique glimpse into rural life intertwined with local customs and traditions.

Moreover, efforts are underway to boost the infrastructure of these rural lodgings, with a focus on enhancing internet connectivity and providing basic amenities. Tourists will also have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with seasonal crops and eco-gardens, further enriching their rural tourism experience in Uttar Pradesh and fostering an appreciation for the state's eco-village culture.

Two recent additions to the rural homestays include 'My Mom Rural Homestay' in Basti, situated 70 kilometers from Ayodhya, and 'Gulmohar Rural Homestay' placed within Udaipurwa's eco-village project in Banda district. These homestays are ready to offer travelers a serene retreat amidst the rustic charm of rural Uttar Pradesh, promising an authentic and memorable experience for all who visit.

With these initiatives, the Uttar Pradesh tourism department is not only promoting tourism in rural areas but also empowering local communities and preserving the cultural heritage of the region for generations to come.

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