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Use of Chemicals in the Agriculture Industry Should be Modulated: Director-General AFCI

In its recent KJ Choupal session, Krishi Jagran invited Dr. Kalyan Goswami, Director-General of Agro Chem Federation of India (AFCI), to speak about the usefulness of pesticides in sustainable agriculture.

Kritika Madhukar
Dr. Goswami while speaking at KJ Choupal
Dr. Goswami while speaking at KJ Choupal

“Farmers are the real Gods for me”, said Dr. Kalyan Goswami Director-General, Agro Chem Federation of India (AFCI)”, while discussing the importance of agriculture in today’s world, at KJ Choupal on July 12.

KJ Choupal is an initiative where eminent personalities from the industry are invited to share their knowledge and wisdom with the team of Krishi Jagran.

Dr. Kalyan began his speech by stating that agriculture is the oldest profession that mankind has. He further added that agriculture was the main occupation of our ancestors and they completely relied on agriculture for their survival. He discussed the importance of food and agriculture in our livelihoods.

Dr. Kalyan then addressed another important aspect of agriculture, which is “Sustainable Agriculture”. He discussed the various factors which can effectively contribute to making agriculture sustainable.

Factors Which Can Significantly Contribute to Making Agriculture Sustainable

  • Balanced use of fertilizers

  • Adopting the appropriate dose recommendations of pesticides

  • Managing Soil Health

  • Following Crop Rotation

  • Incorporating the technological advances in agriculture

Team of Krishi Jagran felicitating Dr. Goswami by presenting him with a token of love and appreciation
Team of Krishi Jagran felicitating Dr. Goswami by presenting him with a token of love and appreciation

Need to judiciously use pesticides in Agricultural Crops

India is one of the major wheat-producing countries in the world. It exports wheat to various African countries. However, the excessive use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides in the production of wheat has become a point of concern for the country.

Although the application of pesticides does not necessarily mean it will negatively affect the crop, however, the problem arises when these pesticides and chemicals are used indiscriminately or more than their recommended dosage.

He emphasized the need to spread awareness among the farmers about using pesticides and chemicals only when required and in moderated amounts. 

He stated that his organization is already working in the direction of spreading awareness about the correct use of pesticides, by conducting awareness campaigns in small villages.

Dr. Kalyan discussed how the green revolution has shaped our country’s agriculture industry.

Key Points Discussed by Dr. Kalyan About Green Revolution

  • “Following independence, India struggled with the food crisis. To combat the situation, policymakers introduced the concept of the “Green Revolution, in 1960.”

  • Kalyan defined the green revolution as the beginning of incorporating technology and fertilizer into agricultural practices.

  • Back then the country did not have any fertilizer or farm machinery.

  • Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab were the first states to witness the effects of the Revolution. These states evidently provided better results in terms of crop production. Gradually, the revolution spread out to other states as well.

Dr. Kalyan is the General Director of the Agro Chem Federation of India (AFCI). He graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University. His passion for science has driven him to pursue his career as a Biotechnological Researcher, at Ranbaxy Laboratory. After spending an enriching time in Biotech Research, he forayed into Administration, Government Affairs, Policy intervention, Skill Development, Capacity Building Etc. He has profound knowledge of varied scientific fields such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Food Processing, Biotechnology, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals.

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