Vegetables-Based Rice: Right Rice

Vegetable Biryani or Pulav (Rice + vegetables) is liked by all Indians especially vegetarians all over the world. Rice is cooked in many ways in all occasion.  There are more than 700 varieties of the rice available in India like Basmati, etc that makes the dishes even more delicious.

Scientists have also developed vegetable based rice. Right, Rice is currently available in an original version, as well as in three already seasoned varieties – lemon pepper, Spanish and garlic herb.

Vegetable-based grain brand Right Rice has secured a $5.5 million minority investment led by Strand Equity after launching its products exclusively in Whole Foods across the U.S. and via Amazon. Right, Rice was created by Keith Belling who is also the mastermind behind one of the fastest-growing potato chips brands Popchips, and it is one of the first brands to launch in collaboration with both Whole Foods and Amazon. 

Strand Equity’s latest investment was triggered by the $3 billion rice category that Rodsky described as “massive,” yet it has experienced “little or no innovation” over the years. Right Rice, however, came to the market as a disruptor. 

Right, Rice is “one of the most compelling brands and product propositions we’ve seen,” he said. “We are excited for the chance to invest in Keith, who has proven to be an innovator and category creator.” Belling and Rodsky also worked closely to put together a group of investors that help Right Rice with various facets of the business as it launches and grows. 

So Right Rice needs to make up all the nutrients consumers are not able to find in the regular and cauliflower rice, and it also must hit on taste, texture and ease of cooking. “It took a lot of trial and error before we found just the right blend of lentils, chickpeas, green peaks and a bit of rice,” Belling said, adding that over 90% of the product itself is vegetables, thus it easily caters to the trendy consumer demand for a plant-based diet. 

“We’re excited at the chance to help reinvigorate the rice aisle by leading a new category of vegetable rice that puts more rice on people’s plates,” he said. 

Additionally, Right Rice contains 10 grams of protein and five grams of fiber per serving, which is more than twice the amount of protein and five times the amount of fiber as white rice. “One of the reasons why rice is so popular across cultures and demographics is its ability to soak up flavors and sauces. And capturing that was one of the most important milestones when we developed the product,” added Belling. 

Right, Rice cooks quickly and easily, offering protein-packed meal solutions whether as a side dish or as part of classic rice dishes like paella or risotto. 

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