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Vegetables, Fruits Big Winner as Government Releases Second Advance Horticulture Estimate

Saumy Deepak Tripathi
Saumy Deepak Tripathi

The department of Agriculture, Cooperation, and Farmers Welfare released the second advance estimates of the areas of production of various Horticulture Crops for the year 2019-20. 

The data says that the total horticulture production in the country is expected to increase by 3.13% from 310.74 million tonnes in 2018-19 to 320.48 million tonnes this year. In the first advance estimate released in January, it was expected to grow to 313.35 million tonnes. The fruit production can increase from 97.97 million tonnes to 99.07 million tonnes according to the data with citrus fruits showing huge growth. The data offer a glimmer of hope to the agriculture sector as these farmers now hope ease in lockdown restrictions will help them in selling these products. 

With the Zaid season ongoing the vegetable production has also shown great results, with production expected to rise by almost 4.69% with onion’s rise expected to be around 17% and that of tomatoes to be around 8 %. 

While the Aromatics and Medicinal plant production are expected to increase from 2.91 million tonnes to 3.06 million tonnes an increase of 5 %, the plantation crop production may see a negative growth this year. 

The spices production is a mixed bag with coriander the big winner with an expected growth rate of 27 % while chilies, cumin, and turmeric are all expected to fall. 

The figures released on June 2 are positive but may be heavily affected by external factors this year as with the supply chain being almost shut due to lockdown the challenge is to make it smooth again so that the produce may reach the consumers. The lockdown saw huge losses for farmers as they had no means to take their crops to the market and sell and fruits and vegetables can rot quickly. The estimates look good on paper but whether it will bring joy to the farmers remains to be seen. 

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