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Women Apprenticeship Demand Surges by 500% In Manufacturing Sector, TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship Data Reveals

The demand for female apprentices surges by 500% in the male-dominated workforce manufacturing sector.

Vivek Singh

India's manufacturing sector is making efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the apprenticeship domain. According to data from TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, there has been a significant increase in demand for female apprentices, with a threefold rise in the first quarter of FY24 compared to the previous quarter.

This trend is observed across various regions in India, including Southern, Western, and Northern states. Employers in the manufacturing sector are actively promoting equal opportunities for both men and women in apprenticeships. Notably, the apprenticeship domain stands out for its commendable compensation parity between male and female apprentices, reflecting the industry's commitment to inclusivity, gender equality, and talent development.

Changing Landscape of Manufacturing Apprenticeships in India: Advancements in Diversity and Inclusion

The manufacturing industry in India is witnessing positive changes in diversity and inclusion, particularly in sectors like Automobiles/Auto Components and Electronic/Technology Products, where compensation disparities between male and female apprentices do not exist. Other sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, and White Goods are expected to follow this trend in the upcoming months. Women are increasingly being recruited as apprentices, especially in roles like Machine Operations, including Assembly Line Operations. This shift indicates a growing emphasis on female apprenticeships in the traditionally male-dominated manufacturing sector.

Sumit Kumar, Chief Business Officer of TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, expressed his satisfaction with the surge in diversity hiring and projected an increase in the percentage of women in the labour market as the overall number of apprenticeships rises. He also highlighted India's commitment to gender parity as evidenced by its improved ranking in the Global Gender Gap Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum.

India's Manufacturing Sector: Empowering Diversity through Degree-Linked Apprenticeships

Degree-linked apprenticeships have proven effective in promoting diversity and creating a more inclusive workforce, particularly by empowering rural women with limited access to education and economic opportunities. These programs provide essential skills and qualifications, elevating their socioeconomic status. Additionally, apprenticeships contribute to talent creation, nurturing a skilled workforce for the industry. Besides technical skills, apprenticeships also focus on developing vital soft skills, such as time management and critical thinking, further strengthening the manufacturing sector.

The increased diversity hiring in apprenticeship programs reflects the industry's recognition of women's untapped potential and unique perspectives, leading to a positive impact on male-dominated sectors and rural communities. The Indian government's initiatives like Skill India Mission and National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme aim to enhance women's participation in these programs and bridge the gender gap, unlocking the potential of the female workforce.

Overall, promoting gender equality through apprenticeships fosters innovation, diversity, and sustainable economic growth, necessitating collective support from the government, industry, and educational institutions.

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