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World Spice Congress 2023: Piyush Goyal Calls for India to Reclaim Global Spice Leadership

Piyush Goyal urged all attendees to work together as a team to enhance global commerce and exports through the magic of spices, preserving this legacy for future generations.

Shivam Dwivedi
World Spice Congress 2023: Piyush Goyal Calls for India to Reclaim Global Spice Leadership (Photo Source: PIB)
World Spice Congress 2023: Piyush Goyal Calls for India to Reclaim Global Spice Leadership (Photo Source: PIB)

Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution and Textiles, Piyush Goyal, delivered an inspiring address at the World Spice Congress held in Navi Mumbai from September 15 to  17, 2023. He emphasized the central role that spices play in India's culture and heritage, as well as their significance in the nation's trade history.

Minister Goyal underscored the need to revive the global appeal of Indian spices, asserting that India should strive to become a world leader in the spice industry. He highlighted the importance of revitalizing the charm and reputation that Indian spices once enjoyed worldwide. The Minister also took the opportunity to present the Spices Export Excellence Awards for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 during the event.

Minister Goyal encouraged industry stakeholders to work collaboratively to increase the value of spice exports, setting an ambitious target of reaching 10 billion dollars by 2030, up from the current 4 billion dollars. He stressed the importance of capturing new markets through enhanced value addition and expanding existing markets. Additionally, he proposed leveraging the global Indian diaspora of 35 million people as brand ambassadors to promote increased consumption of Indian spices worldwide.

The Minister advocated for inclusivity within the spice industry, emphasizing the need to support farmers to ensure adequate production. He also stressed the importance of establishing a certified brand value for Indian spices. Addressing international delegates, Minister Goyal expressed his delight at their participation and urged them to experience Indian hospitality while fostering successful business collaborations.

Minister Goyal congratulated the award recipients and encouraged them to maintain their high standards, setting a precedent for excellence in the industry and promoting India on the global stage. Furthermore, he commended the Spices Board for organizing the Spice Congress after a hiatus of seven years and called upon them to host a world-class exposition, symposium, and conference for the spice industry in Delhi in 2024. He invited all industry players to participate and showcase India's capabilities to the world.

Concluding his speech, Minister Goyal highlighted the significance of hosting the Congress alongside India's G20 presidency. He drew parallels between the newly launched India - Middle East - Europe Economic Corridor and the historic Spice Route, emphasizing the opportunity to celebrate India's diverse flavors and the country's potential to become the preferred source of spices globally

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