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World's biggest air purifier in China


China known for its poor quality of air has started an experimental initiative by erecting a 100-meter tower in Shaanxi Province in Xian. According to the scientists leading the project, the structure has brought noticeable improvement in air quality. Cao Junji, head of the research claims an improvement in 10 Square Kilometres in the city. 

The tower has produced around 10 million cubic meters of clean air a day and the head of the research Cao Junji has claimed that the tower was able to bring down pollution level to moderate levels in times of severe pollution.

The tower operates through greenhouses spread in the area half the size of the soccer field. Polluted air is sucked up by solar energy and the hot air is cleansed passing through multiple layers of the filter in the tower. The tower is designed to work even in cold months enabling the glass to absorb solar radiation at a higher efficiency.

The Xian Smog tower projected began in 2015 and its construction got over last year, and it is an experiment to find an alternative to control air pollution in a cost-effective manner.

The installation of the tower has brought a mixed reaction from the public regarding air quality. Though the tower is in the experimental stage it has sought the attention of the international community as China's effort to improve air quality and commitment towards the environment. 

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