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WOW! Modi Govt to Hike Minimum Pay of Central Government Employees under 7th Pay Commission

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

The Central government employees are demanding a further hike in the minimum pay as against the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. Though many rumours related to the hike had been taking place before elections but nothing has materialised.

Interestingly, the comeback of Narendra Modi government at the Centre has again given the hope of a hike soon for the lakhs of employees. Presently, the CG employees are getting a minimum pay of Rs 18,000. But, they are demanding that the present pay is not enough to put an impact on their financial situation. Therefore, seeing the present market scenario, there’s a need to increase the minimum pay to Rs 26,000 or a hike by Rs 8,000.

The government employees in the past resorted to strike and to press for their ‘just’ demand, as they were not able to witness any headway towards their demand. It is to be noted that, then Home Minister Rajnath Singh had held a discussion with officials concerned over the matter and also gave a hint that the Modi government was serious and concerned about the demand of the employees. But sadly, the general elections marred the faith of the CG employees.

The pay commission had before recommended that the pay matrix could be reviewed periodically without waiting for ten years and the CG employees’ salary can be reviewed as per the Aykroyd formula which takes into consideration the changes prices of the commodities that constitute a common man’s basket.

A decision likely will be taken in this regard at the earliest as possible. It can take a month or two but it is in the offing, as mentioned by an official earlier, and also that the government is not against the employees who are an important part of the system.

The official further stated that “It will take time and may get late but an appropriate decision will be taken at the right time.”

Apart from it, there were rumours that an increase in the minimum pay would be considered by the central government but it will not be Rs 8,000 as demanded by the CG employees but around Rs 2000.

Hence, the Central Government employees must wait till the Modi government takes oath and come up with the announcement of pay hike beyond what was recommended by the 7th Pay Commission in the very interest of the many CG employees.

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