Wow Vegetarian Egg! IIT Delhi Develops Moong Daal -Based Egg


Vegetarian Egg!!! Here’s some good news for the vegetarians. An artificial egg made entirely from Moong Daal has been developed by Dr Kavya Dashora, Assistant Professor of the Centre for Rural Development & Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 

The group of six students in the laboratory has come out with the vegetarian Egg made from the Moong Daal. The students Ms Kamakshi, Vinayak and Yash are among these students tried to give the Egg omelet, without having the hen and the poultry. 

Based on the definition of vegetarian as a diet which excludes consumption of animal flesh, technically, yes, eggs are vegetarian, since they are not animal flesh (the meat, muscles or tissue of an animal). Many vegetarians include eggs in their diet, while still abstaining from eating chicken, cows, pigs, fish and all animals. According to terminology, you're an "ovo-vegetarian," that is, a vegetarian who eats eggs. Note that while eggs are vegetarian, they are certainly, under no circumstances, considered vegan.


However, in some parts of the world, particularly in India, eggs are indeed considered to be meat, and some vegetarians will not eat them. Usually, this is tied to religious practice, such as Hinduism. Vegetarian Hindus and those who have come to vegetarianism from a Hindu background consider eggs to be meat and do not include them in their vegetarian diet. So, while most Westerners believe that eggs are vegetarian, many Easterners do not; this means that whether or not eggs are vegetarian is dependent on a cultural agreement.

Now, vegetarians too can eat and enjoy the Eggs... 

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