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'You Insulted My Background as a Farmer': Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar to P. Chidambaram

The Vice President concluded by urging for a higher standard of discourse in parliamentary proceedings and expressing the need for a respectful and dignified environment within the legislative framework.

Shivam Dwivedi
“You Insulted My Background as a Farmer” - Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar to P. Chidambaram (Photo Source: @VPIndia/twitter)
“You Insulted My Background as a Farmer” - Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar to P. Chidambaram (Photo Source: @VPIndia/twitter)

In a heartfelt expression of distress, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar conveyed his personal anguish over recent events in the Parliament, emphasizing his feelings regarding the targeting of his farmer and Jat background.

Addressing Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP P. Chidambaram, Dhankhar voiced his concern, stating, “Imagine what must be going through my heart when your senior leader (Rahul Gandhi) videotapes a Member of Parliament (Kalyan Bannerjee) mocking the Institution of Chairman. As an individual, this is a direct affront to me.” He further questioned the rationale behind a senior member of Parliament recording another member, emphasizing the need for accountability.

The BJP called Dhankhar a ‘kisan putra’ when he declared his candidacy for vice president. This was interpreted by political observers as an effort to connect with the politically influential Jat community, which had been heavily involved in the year-long farmers' protests on the national capital's borders against agriculture reform measures announced in June 2020.

Strongly condemning the assault on the institutions of Chairman, Rajya Sabha, by a political party with a longstanding rule, Dhankhar underscored, "This is not merely an insult to a farmer and a community; it is an insult to the esteemed office of the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha."

Dhankhar characterized this incident as a new low, stating, "Mr. Chidambaram, your party posted a video that was later withdrawn. This was a disgrace to me. You utilized the official Twitter handle of the party's spokesperson to demean and insult me, targeting my background as a farmer, my position as a Jat, and my role as Chairman."

The incident highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity of democratic institutions and fostering a culture of constructive dialogue for the greater benefit of the nation.

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