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Experts Tips to Find Love on Dating Sunday, Busiest Day for Online Dating

Looking for Love in the New Year? Then Sunday might be the best day to find your true love. Do you know that Sunday is the busiest online dating day of the year?

Tooba Maher

Looking for Love in the New Year? Then Sunday might be the best day to find your true love. Do you know that Sunday is the busiest online dating day of the year? 

Well yes, it is! According to several dating apps and websites, "Dating Sunday" or "Singles Sunday" is the busiest online dating day of the year. Ever wondered why is it so? 

According to Julie Spira, a Cyber-Dating Expert, "Sunday is the perfect trifecta. You have people recovering from a breakup or who were down during the holidays. You have all those New Year's resolutions as well as the Valentine's Day is around the corner.” 

Interestingly, Sundays also tend to be the busiest day of the week for web dating in general. 

Spira further said, “The informal single's celebration has gained traction over the past five years as society embraces online dating culture.” 

"It's around cuffing season, the few weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, so people are really looking to find a partner," said Skyler Wang, a Ph.D. student of sociology who studies online dating and the sharing economy.  

Wang said, "These kinds of moments or holidays are also created by the online dating industry to get more people to use more apps. It generates this looping effect where more people join in after they read about how others are doing it." 

Now coming to the popularity of “Dating Sunday”, Experts say that online dating activity swells up to 75% on that day.  

The dating app, Match predicts there will be a 69% spike in new singles coming to the app on Dating Sunday, as per Market Watch.  

Tinder told Bustle that one Dating Sunday led to 44 million Tinder matches being made.  According to the information from dating app Bumble to Global News, Dating Sunday is one of Bumble’s busiest days of the year. 

Now you too can be a part of “Dating Sunday”. Just keep in mind the following Dating Tips by Spira and Wang: 

  • Download Tinder or Bumble and start swiping. 

  • Start Fresh: Start with a clean palette and remove your outdated photos. "If it's been online and it hasn't worked for you yet," use that as a sign to "push the restart button". 

  • Update your Bio: Mention any new hobbies that you have picked up. Don’t forget to mention your dream travel destinations. Talking about travel locations, like an African safari or a hike up a mountain, tend to get a lot of responses because it's a good icebreaker.

  • Use Dating Apps: There are various dating apps out there to choose from and the experts say having at least three accounts will help maximize your chances of romantic success. However, it's important to use each of the apps proactively.

  • Start Meeting: According to Spira, communicate with people, exchange phone numbers and start setting a date to meet. 

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