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How Indore Strived to Become Zero Landfill & Garbage-Free City?

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Indore, a city in west-central India has transformed its garbage landfill site into a beautiful garden with a composite waste management plan through which, the trash is used to generate fuel as well as manure.

Indore has strived to become a ‘zero landfill’ and ‘garbage-free’ city, with the eco-friendly disposal of trash, through the use of technology that includes a plant that changes plastic waste into fuel.

Ashish Singh, the Municipal Commissioner of Indore said that it all begins with separating waste into wet and dry trash at the source itself. After that, the garbage collected from all over the city is taken to 10 nodal points from where it is forwarded to the trenching ground. The separation of dry waste takes place at this ground.

In addition, the trash both dry and wet is used for making different products to generate revenue. Indore Municipal Corporation, with the assistance of an environmental consultancy agency helps in generating manure, interlocking tiles, diesel, gas and petrol from the trash.

Sudhir, the diesel plant operator said both recyclable and non-recyclable plastic is used in this plant for making the fuel, which is used in generators. He told that 50 % of the non-recyclable plastic is changed into burning fuel, which, after further filtration, gives gas, diesel and petrol.

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