Introduction of the New Baby Food for 6 + by HAPPA

It is important to give right food with all essential nutrients to children especially small ones.  Till now only mothers used to take care of their child and their basic food requirements but now a company known as "HAPPA" is taking care of the Baby Food and their taste.

The Nascens Entrepreneurs Private Limited of Mumbai launched the Organic Fruits Apple + Banana for the babies of the six months and above. The other flavours are Sweet Potatoes + Spinach, Mango + Banana, Apple + Mango and Sweet Potato + Mango Pear. There are many more food varieties and more flavours as per the stages 1 to 3. At the stage 1 - start solids which are formulated specifically for babies who are starting solids. Happa stage 1 purees are just right for developing preferences. Shri Sanjeev Bhat, Head Sales & BD informed the Krishi Jagran Team that they tell parents to give infants their simple, single ingredient purees which is Apple.  

He further added that at Stage 2 they provide more blends like from the simplest one-ingredient recipes to more complex combinations, the company had made it easy for their baby to try new foods and flavors in their convenient tubs.  

At Stage 3 the other eating varieties and more flavors are created to satisfy baby`s growing appetite, these full-flavor meals offer more texture and larger portions which are Apple + Oat and Apple + Mango + multigrain. 

Shri Pankaj Prakash, the Founder informed the Krishi Jagran team that the company is very new in the market and that he got the idea to start this business after seeing his sisters facing lots of difficulties in feeding their children. And this is how he introduced the concept to children in the country. 

Krishi Jagran also spoke to Shri Sanjiv Bhat and Shri Pankaj Prakash at the Indus Food, the Food of India. The company was also given Retail Startup 2018 Award.

For more details and information about the baby food by the company, you can visit our YouTube channel.  

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