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Janmashtami Food: 10 Traditional Dishes to Offer Lord Krishna

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Janmashtami Prasad

Janmashtami and food have a deep bond and this can be seen every year on the auspicious day marking the birth of Lord Krishna. On this day several exclusive dishes are offered to Lord Krishna, keeping in mind his love for milk and dairy products 

Below, we have listed 10 famous dishes that can be offered to Lord Krishna during the midnight celebration of the festival. Interestingly, these foods are good for the human body as they help keep the intestines comfortable after a full day of fasting. 

Janmashtami Dishes

Below we have given some important dishes that you can prepare on Janmashtami;


Panjiri is considered as the most important prasad of this festival. It is prepared with coriander seed powder, desi ghee, almonds, powdered sugar, cashew nuts, mishri, pistachios and raisins, this healthy product is believed to be beneficial to the intestines and is very popular in the Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Punjab states of the country. 


Based on milk, dried fruits, rice, makhana or sabudana, this delicious festive DESSERT dish is richly flavored with cardamom and saffron. It is considered lip-smacking and filling, this sweet dish was offered to Lord Krishna as part of “Chaapan Bhog” during the midnight celebration of Janmashtami. 

Maakhan Mishri 

This offering is considered to be the favorite of Lord Krishna. It is prepared with fresh maakhan/butter, sugar or misri and this simple dish can be easily prepared at home. 

Honey with Milk 

The Janmashtami puja menu is not complete without a devotional drink made from milk and honey. Considered a symbol of purity, it is offered to Lord Krishna and distributed among believers. 


This dish is popularly known as a ‘poor man’s food’, this simple dish is prepared with cucumbers, beaten rice, curd, coconut, sugar, ghee and roasted cumin seeds. After mixing all the ingredients, they are formed in laddoo shape and is offered to Lord Krishna during midnight customs. 

Makhana Paag 

Makhana Paag is a special dish made on the eve of Janmashtami, using lotus seeds, milk, ghee and powdered sugar. This crispy, sweet and delicious flavor is very popular among children. 


It is basically used to bathe Lord Krishna at midnight celebrations and this this milk mixture is made of fresh milk, ghee, curd, tulsi leaves, jiggery/sugar and makhana. Once the rituals are completed at midnight, this charnamrit is distributed to the devotees as part of the prasad. 

Rava Laddoo 

This nutritious and healthy laddoo is prepared with grated coconut, roasted rava, dry fruits, nuts, sugar and a great amount of ghee. It is believed that Lord Krishna loves to eat ghee and butter, and it is said that the best way to please him is to provide food to those in need. 

Sabudana Khichdi 

This is very light dish and it is made with green chillio, soaked sabudana, sendha namak, peanuts ghee and tomato. SABUDANA KHICHDI is considered as a healthy snack and is rich in carbohydrates, which can provide you with instant energy after fasting. 

Gulab Jamun 

It is India’s one of the most eaten and favorite sweet and is prepared with all- purpose flour, milk soilds(khoya), cashew, cardamom, sugar syrup, rose water and a few strands of saffron. It is served with Rabri to Lord Krishna and it is also prepared with milk which has a sweet aftertaste. 

Enjoy these mouth-watering dishes this Janmashtami with your family and loved ones and make your festival even more special. 

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