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Latest 7th Pay Commission: Know Central Government Employees Death Gratuity Rate for Different Tenure of Service & Eligibility

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Central Government Employees

Latest 7th Pay Commission News: All Central Government employees and their families must be aware of the rules regarding 7th Pay Commission payments. One of such rule is death gratuity payment rate. The Government of India has rationalised death gratuity payment for different lengths of service.

The new death gratuity payment has been in action since 1 January 2016, after the government has accepted the Central Pay Commission recommendations. These are relating to principles which would govern the pension structure as well as other terminal benefits.

7th Pay Commission: Death Gratuity Payment as per Length of Service

1. Central government employees must note that if their length of service is less than 1 year, then the rate of death gratuity will be 2 times the monthly emoluments.

2. However, if the service length is more than 1 year & less than 5 years, then the rate of death gratuity will be six times the monthly emoluments.

3. For, the length of service of more than 5 years & less than 11 years, the rate of death gratuity of Central government employees will be 12 times the monthly emoluments.

4. If the length of service of the CG employees is more than 11 years & less than 20 years, then the rate of death gratuity will be 20 times the monthly emoluments.

5. For, the length of service of more than 20 years, the rate of death gratuity will be half month of emoluments for every completed 6 monthly period of qualifying service which is subject to a maximum of 33 times of emoluments.

7th Pay Commission: Eligibility of Death Gratuity Payment

It is to be noted that the Central government employees are entitled for a gratuity only if he has completed 5 years in any organisation. However, if there is an unfortunate death or disablement, then the government has waived off the requirement of any minimum eligibility period. The amount of gratuity depends upon the time period of service and last drawn salary of CG employees. According to the Gratuity Act, the gratuity is payable up to the date of death irrespective of whether the central government employee has completed 5 years or not.

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