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Now you can enjoy Belgium’s new Fruit Layer`s Apple Chips

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Belgium Greenstar Apples is now introducing the Fruit Layer`s Apple Chips. As Fruit Layer’s apple chips have a much shorter drying time compared to other apple chips. “Normally, the chips are in the oven for four to eight hours, but we only dry them for 35 minutes.  

The chips are finished and crunchy in 35 minutes, and flavour and colour are retained.” These have high vitamin C content and a good sweet/sour proportion. Besides, we prefer working with large-sized apples, the ones retail doesn’t want. This is a good win-win situation. 

Corneel Martens of Fruit Layers informed about the product “Our apple chips have been on the market since September. It’s quite a different product than the apple chips already on the market. We have a completely different drying method, so that the flavour and colour of the apple are better retained,” Although Greenstar apples are very suitable for making apple chips; it’s also possible to use other varieties. “A lot of apple varieties are suitable as apple chips, as long as the proportions are good. Jonagold is a good option, although it’s a bit too sweet,” Corneel further added. In March, a new production room with a new installation will be ready, increasing production capacity. “Demand for the product continues to grow, that’s why we now only supply on demand. When the new space is finished in March, we can start increasing production,” Cornell continues. Fruit Layer’s apple chips have been on the shelves of local shops, such as farm shops, since September. “The shops contact us when they’ve tried the product elsewhere and became enthused. We also received a lot of positive responses from consumers.” 

In future, the company is planning to offer alternatives in addition to the standard range, such as apple chips combined with another fruit flavour. 

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