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What is Vegan Shrimp? A mouthwatering Recipe Inside!

You will love this vegan shrimp recipe! The shrimp are made from scratch using Oyster mushrooms, and then topped with a delicious breaded coating to make these vegetarian shrimp taste just like traditional fried shrimp or coconut shrimp. Served with a homemade shrimp cocktail sauce this dish is a crowed pleaser that even non-vegans will love!

Ayushi Raina
Vegan Shrimp with Sauce and lemon
Vegan Shrimp with Sauce and lemon

Vegan Shrimps are made from scratch using Oyster mushrooms and then covered with a wonderful breaded coating, making these vegetarian shrimp taste much like classic fried shrimp or coconut shrimp. Served with a handmade shrimp cocktail sauce, this meal is so mouth watering that even non-vegans will enjoy!

What is Vegan Shrimp Made of?

The major component in this vegan shrimp is Konjac (pronounced kon-jack) root, with the addition of starches, spices, and paprika for colour. Konjac is the abbreviated name for an East Asian root vegetable that produces an edible tuber. It's also known as devil's tongue, voodoo lily, and elephant yam. But don't be intimidated by the nicknames. It has a shrimp-like texture and flavour. So, say hello to all your favorite shrimp meals and make this a freezer staple that you always have on hand when a craving strikes.

The Best Vegan Shrimp Recipe:

• It's seasoned precisely like regular shrimp, so these vegetarian shrimp taste virtually identical to the genuine thing! The texture of oyster mushrooms is ideal. And, like traditional fried shrimp or coconut shrimp, they have a wonderful crunch from a crispy coating.

• Even die-hard seafood fans will enjoy this vegan shrimp dish! I've served this appetiser at a few gatherings, and it's always a success.

• These shrimp can be baked, fried, or cooked in an air fryer, making them quite versatile.

• The handmade shrimp cocktail sauce elevates the mushroom shrimp to new levels!

• Since everything is created from scratch, you can simply make this shrimp dish gluten free.

The Key Ingredients for Making Vegan Shrimp:

• A vegan egg replacer is essential for this recipe to work. I've tried cooking these shrimp without it, and the breading doesn't stick on the mushrooms as well.

• Oyster mushrooms or king oyster mushrooms are used as the "shrimp" in this dish. And the texture is strikingly identical to that of actual shrimp!


• You may replace king oyster mushrooms with oyster mushrooms.

• To create this gluten-free mushroom shrimp, use gluten-free breadcrumbs and either gluten-free all-purpose flour or almond flour.

• You can use any dairy-free milk instead of coconut milk, such as almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, or soy milk.

• You may simply buy pre-made shrimp cocktail sauce instead of making your own.

• Cooking times may need to be adjusted somewhat depending on how large or small your mushrooms are sliced (the larger they are the more time they will need to cook).

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