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A SACK that SUCKS post harvest losses

Numerous types of bags Jute , propylene, huge canisters and silos etc are generally used to store grains. Abiotic stress, which affects the quality of grains is the most challenging factor, farmers fight with.

Monika Mondal
Post-Harvest Storage
Post-Harvest Storage

Huge containers, Silos, Numerous types of bags made of Jute, propylene, etc are generally used to store grains. Abiotic stress, which affects the quality of grains is the most challenging factor, farmers fight. Storing grains in the bags for long, most of the time ends up destroying the whole of it. Moisture and temperature are to be blamed the most when the grains’ prices fall down due to degraded quality.

To fight these odds, a Penetration-resistant model and gas-tight storage solution for a vast range of dry agricultural commodities are presented by a company named “GrainPro”. GrainPro provides the solution to minimize the post-harvest losses by rendering the grains a hospitable environment, which takes care of the health of the food.

This protective shield is made of multilayer polyethylene with a barrier layer and used as the inner liner for jute bags and ordinary sacks. The pack of grain is sealed using a set of cable ties included in the package or by heat welding.

It can store commodities for prolonged periods without the risks of moisture encroachment, insect infestation, and fungal growth. This eco-friendly and pesticide-free technology preserves the quality, germination, and vigor of seed. The CO2 gas is used for fumigation purposes which indeed is a natural gas and hence has no impact on the surroundings. The Grainpro cocoons are easy to use.

Grainpro products can be used to store :

  • Coffee (green, parchment)

  • Paddy

  • Milled Rice (brown and white)

  • Sorghum

  • Millet

  • Soybeans

  • All types of seeds

  • Wheat

  • Cocoa

  • Beans, Peas, Lentils, etc.

The green bag comes in sizes of 25 kg and 50 kg capacity. Keeping in the needs of mass storage, sizes of 1 MT to 300 MT capacity are also available.

Grainpro Continent Manager for South Asia & Middle East Mr. Avinash Wagh tells Krishi Jagran that there is no moisture gain or loss, Neither any change in weight is observed during the storage period inside the Cocoons which preserves the quality of the commodity. Mr. Wagh further adds, “One can store the dried grains in Cocoon for more than a year without any substantial change in the quality. We have a study report, in which customer stored Maize in GrainPro Cocoons for as long as 12 Years.”

GrainPro's Hermetic Storage Solution cannot be used for storing perishables. But dried commodity, including herbs having moisture content less than 10-11 %, can be stored in these bags. Various Farmers, NGOs, FPOs, etc are already using GrainPro products for storage of their agricultural commodity. 

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