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AASRA : Making Crop Protection products more effective.

HPM India is a notable agrarian Company which is continually anticipating the advancement of the farmers. Given the changing need of farmer and agriculture, it always creates new technologies for farming. Company's work has always been admirable. After the high level Herbicide, Fungicides Insecticides and Plant Growth Regulator, the company has brought a new product recourse. Which is an adjuvant. It is a magical substance that makes other agricultural boosting products more effective.

KJ Staff
Crop of wheat
Crop of wheat

HPM India's Aasra is to a great degree useful for agriculturists because It is a silicon-based super spreader that helps the formulations to spread on crops evenly and consistently.

It is a unique new generation spray booster and activator. It spreads quickly, and in turn facilitates the quick spreading of agrochemicals on the leaf surfaces which leads to better spray coverage and improves the efficacy of the agrochemical used.

It has improved deposition of the agro product which enhances the coverage and retention on foliage ensuring the solution doesn’t wash off even after immediate rain.

It ensures the proper penetration of the agrochemical product into the plant by reducing the droplet sizes of the spray. It is designed in such a way that it ensures proper wetting of the leaf surface, which boosts the pesticide or agro product uptake and absorption by the plant.

The use of Aasra is beneficial for farmers. It is one such adjuvant that is helping farmers to enhance the actions of the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides they are using for their crops.

Combined with Aasra the chemical sprays used for crops become more potent and give good results.

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