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Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester: Revolutionary Technology from Swaraj Garners Enthusiastic Response from Farmers

Swaraj Tractors a division of Mahindra Group is India’s second largest and rapidly growing tractor brand. Swaraj is a brand that is made by the farmer, for the farmer as many of its employees are also farmers.

Shivam Dwivedi
Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester: Revolutionary Technology from Swaraj Garners Enthusiastic Response from Farmers (Photo Source: Swaraj Tractors)
Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester: Revolutionary Technology from Swaraj Garners Enthusiastic Response from Farmers (Photo Source: Swaraj Tractors)

Swaraj Tractors, a company of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., has recently launched the next-generation Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester for the Indian agricultural community, building on its tradition of launching India's first domestically produced harvester.

The harvester, which was launched during the kharif season, performed well in harvesting crops such as paddy and soya bean. Following its successful debut, the business anticipates strong demand for this innovative product throughout the forthcoming rabi season.

The Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester is the culmination of extensive technological advancements conducted over several years at Swaraj's R&D facility in Mohali, complemented with the support of Mahindra & Mahindra's Harvester R&D facility in Finland, Europe. To accommodate the expected surge in demand for its harvester products, the company has established a specialized harvester plant in Pithampur.

This facility boasts state-of-the-art machinery for part manufacturing, a contemporary paint shop, dedicated assembly lines, and advanced testing facilities. Featuring industry-first attributes, heightened durability, and unparalleled service tailored for various crop requirements, the new Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester stands as a comprehensive harvesting solution. It offers superior capabilities through an innovative INTELLIGENT HARVESTING SYSTEM.

Swaraj's Intelligent Harvesting System provides real-time data on harvested acres, live location tracking, road kilometers traveled, and fuel consumption. This empowers customers with enhanced decision-making capabilities, operational efficiency, and the potential for maximized profits.

Continuing the brand's tradition of power and reliability, the Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester is propelled by an in-house developed and manufactured engine. This engine not only delivers best-in-class fuel economy but also adheres to environmentally friendly BS-IV emission standards, underscoring the company's commitment to sustainability.

Kairas Vakharia, Senior Vice President & Business Head, Farm Machinery, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd explained that “Swaraj has been the pioneer in harvesting technology in India and the new 8200 Smart Harvester builds on this legacy by setting a new technology benchmark. By virtue of its Intelligent Harvesting System, the company’s service and product support team provides 24x7 monitoring of the harvester’s performance and health leading to unmatched standards of customer support.”

The company’s customer support goes beyond the conventional, with health alerts and personalized assistance through a dedicated relationship manager and app-based video calling, ensuring prompt on-farm service. The Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester is available through Swaraj’s pan-India tractor dealer network.

Salient Features of Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester

  • Swaraj 8200 smart harvester is equipped with a highly fuel-efficient engine based on new technology, which can result in savings of up to approximately 90,000 rupees per year.

  • It can be operated using the Krishi E-Smart kit application. This application is accessible in all major Indian languages.

  • Real-time location tracking allows owners to monitor the harvester's working location.

  • Manage multiple Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvesters effortlessly through a mobile application.

  • The turbocharged, intercooled TREM IV engine enhances power and cutting capacity.

  • Stay informed with the mobile alert system on service schedules, engine performance, and potential issues.

  • Harvest crops up to 1.3 acres in approximately 1 hour with the Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester.

  • The smart harvester retains data for up to 6 months, providing insights into usage patterns.

  • Features like tilt steering and comfortable foot pedals ensure user-friendly operation.

  • Long-term benefits for farmers with low maintenance requirements.

  • Relationship managers offer hands-on solutions through video calls in case of issues.

  • Enjoy a warranty of up to 2 years with the Swaraj 8200 Smart Harvester.

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