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Cropex-‘ORCON’ the organic solution for crop diseases

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

Cropex, an organic agribusiness company established in 1998 has been a pioneer in the production of organic solution to various agriculture problems in the country. The focus of the company has always been the production of agrochemicals safe for the environment, which are usually the blend of traditional and modern manufacturing processes.

The wide range of fungal and bactericidal products is the part of their production since years.  Karnataka State Department of Agriculture has also recognized the efforts by including the name in the official "Organic Farming Directory of Karnataka" as Input Manufacturers. Most of the products of the company are non-toxic, environment friendly and biodegradable according to the need of the present environmental conditions. The growth supplements are truly novel combining potassium humate, rich in mineral and organic substances essential for plant growth and other inherent nutrients from protein fractions and B vitamins.

The belief of the company has always been the same that plants can be protected from diseases without the use of chemicals and the use of environment friendly products are the main focus.

Among the series of number of products is ‘ORCON’, which contains clove oil, Potassium soap and sodium, salts specially for crops like Chillies, Okra, Tomato, Papaya, Cucurbits, Cotton, and Spices etc. It can be applied in dosage of 1 to 2ml/ 1 to 2 gm/ liter of water for the treatment of diseases like Leaf curl virus and yellow mosaic virus and many others related to different crops. It is an organic powder/ liquid, which outperforms chemical bactericides and virucides. It is available in bulk, private label and brands.

Bulk supplies

The products with Organic Approval are supplied to distributors in unrepresented areas. The ready to pack formulations are supplied in bulk, enabling the customers to repack in their brands. If the customer desires to have Organic Approval for his brands, technical assistance may also be provided.

Private labeling

The formulations are supplied packed under customer's brands with the packing materials provided by the clients. For private labelling, a minimum quantity will be applicable so as to make this economically feasible. The technical assistance in obtaining Organic Approval for the customer's brands is provided.

The company is involved in various CSR activities as supporting children of farmers in Mandya district of Karnataka.

These are available in Bulk, Private Label & Brands - To  Contact, please find the information below : 
Phone: 7349423613, 
E-mail: farmercare@cropex.in 
For more information : visit website www.cropex.in


If you have a question, suggestion, or inquiry, please write at the below given comment box.

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