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Kan Biosys Launches 'Speed Compost', An Eco-friendly Alternative to Stubble Burning

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

One of the major causes of the deteriorating air quality in Delhi and surrounding areas is stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana. People in Delhi have been suffering from severe air pollution since last two weeks. An agri-biotech firm has now come up with a solution that will solve the air pollution and also make soil fertile.

Pune-based Kan biosys, a specialized Agri-biotech company that has been working in the field of plant nutrition and pest management since years launched a new product for the farmers known as 'Speed Compost' on 12 November 2019. The company said it has developed a microbial formulation, which can recycle crop residue in the field instead of burning it. This will not only prevent air pollution but will also improve soil fertility.

Speed Compost, which has been approved by various research institutes and authorized organizations does not pose any threat to the environment and increases agricultural yield. It is a microbial formulation that consists of a special mixture of cellulose degrading, starch degrading, protein degrading bacteria and fungi. The microbes present in Speed Compost help in recycling soil residues and wastes along with improving the soil and resulting in improved soil quality. Apart from this, the use of the product ensures a great improvement in soil nutrition.

Sandeepa Kanitkar, Chairperson & Managing Director of Kan Biosys, who has been working on plant nutrition and soil health management since 2005 said for the last four years, we have been working in Punjab and Haryana to stop the burning of paddy straw. Stubble burning not only increases health risks through environmental pollution, but also separates valuable carbon from the soil. Due to poor nutrition, the soil becomes barren and infertile, because of which the soil becomes hard.  

She said instead of banning stubble burning, the government should spread awareness among the farmers so that they can take advantage of the available technology. Keeping all the things in mind, 'Speed ​​Compost' can solve many problems. The easy, economical, all-standards-based farming process with special formulations and techniques makes it possible for farmers to dispose of paddy straw after harvesting. With this, farmers can also prepare the field for the next crop. Apart from this, Speed Compost also increases the organic matter in the soil, increases the water holding capacity in the soil and also improves the efficient use of fertilizers and soil microorganism activities. With the launch of this new product, Kan Biosis is also working on the possibilities of strategic partnership to ensure its use across the country.

Explaining in detail about Speed ​​Compost, she said, “This is the right time for India to adopt this product, which is not only helpful in increasing income, but it is also environment friendly. Excessive use of chemicals and water and low use of organic manure has led to a significant reduction in water level. Apart from this, the quality of soil has also reduced significantly and production is also seeing a decrease. In a country like India, Speed Compost is very important in improving soil carbon through efficient disposal of crop residues.

She told that the government is insisting on doubling the income of farmers. This will be done by increasing productivity using the best resources in agriculture. The government should recognize the technology developed by Kan Biosys and develop a mechanism to encourage its use among farmers. The aim of the company is to increase the income of farmers and at the same time bring down the level of harmful substances in food.

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