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This 5 Rs. Capsule Will Solve Stubble Burning Problem, Reduce Pollution & Make Soil Fertile

Scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa, have found a solution for the increasing problem of stubble burning in North India. It is so cheap that every farmer can easily get it.

Abha Toppo
Stubble Burning

Scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa came up with a solution for the rising stubble burning problem in North India. The solution is so cheap that every farmer can easily buy it.

However many farmers are still not aware of this solution that is in form of a small capsule. The price of one capsule is just Rs. 5...Isn't it economical. You will need only 4 capsules to convert one acre of farm waste into useful compost. Hence according to your area or land, you can buy and use it. 

A Profitable deal for farmers

Principal Scientist of the Department of Microbiology in Pusa, Dr. Y.V Singh, who was part of the team that developed this capsule said that a team of scientists have been working on this project for the last fifteen years. The best thing about the capsule is that it has no side effects. Moreover, with its use, farm waste gets decomposed and becomes compost. It also maintains the moisture of the field for a much longer time.

Damage caused to field by stubble burning

Farmers are inviting problems for themselves by burning crop residues or farm waste. The heat that comes out of these wastes kills friendly insects or worms and reduces the fertility of the field. Therefore this needs to be told to the farmers.

On the other hand, Professor of Plant Protection I K Kushwaha said that this is best way to solve the stubble burning problem in North India. It is so cheap that there will be no burden on the farmers. This capsule contains friendly fungus for the crops. One side its decomposes the farm waste and the other side makes the field fertile.  In short, it is a great discovery to reduce such a severe pollution problem.

Pusa Compost: How to use and prepare the mixture

  • Agricultural scientist Dr. Singh said, first take 150 grams of old jaggery. Then boil it with water. Now remove all the dirt that came out during boiling.

  • Cool the jaggery solution and then mix it in about 5 liters water. Add about 50 grams of gram flour to it.

  • Take 4 capsules and mix them well in the solution. Prefer a plastic or earthen pot with more diameter.

  • Put the solution in a pot in a warm place for at least 5 days. A layer will solidify on top of water. We have to mix that layer well in water.

  • While adding water, make sure to wear gloves in hand and mask on the mouth.

  • After mixing it in water, your compost solution is ready for use. The volume of this about 5 liters and it is enough to convert 10 quintals of straw into compost.

For more details, you can contact IARI, Pusa, New Delhi or call at 011 2584 3375

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