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Khawaza Agro’s mission: Independent farmers

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

As we all know that in present scenario farmers are adopting the modern farming practices and new technologies. We are well aware that in India, farmers’ income is significantly low. Only little percentage of farmer is earning good. Agriculture plays a big and important role in Indian Economy. For better yield/ production, water management is of utmost importance. India has irregular water supply at the fields, some areas are affected by water scarcity and some are affected by problems of hard water, which affects the yield and increases farmers’ plight. States Like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana are struggling with problem of hard water. But for every problem, there is a solution. And Khawaza Agro is providing solution of this problem. Krishi Jagran had few words with Owner of Khawaza Agro, Mansoor Alam.

Khawaza Storage and Agro Pvt. Ltd. started from Patna, Bihar. “We took this problem as a challenge and provide solution to the farmers. The product is named as Water Magnetic Tool. By using this product hard water can be converted into soft water. Farmers should use the Water Magnetic Tool which increases the yield and irrigates the farm in a better way.”told Mr. Alam. He further mentioned that Khawaza Agro is also working in various other sectors like grain storage. It has its own 20,000 metric tonnes grain storage capacity. Mansoor Alam said that farmers can increase the yield upto 10 to 15 percent from average. This company is working in Bihar, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and other states. Kashmir Head of Khawaza Agro told. “There is a big scope of Agriculture in Kashmir. Fisheries, Saffron and Rice are the major crops cultivated in Kashmir. In coming years we will plan it out in all the states of India. Lastly we would say farmers should adopt new technologies of Agriculture.”           

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