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Treat Pest infestation with Cropex's Ecofit

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

As we know that present era is of organic farming. Chemicals have affected our food chain to a greater  extent which has been a problem to the overall sector. Cropex, a Bengaluru based company with experience of 20 years in Organic  pesticides offers 23 products, for the betterment of the agriculture sector.

The protection of ecosystem is the main motive of agriculture today as agriculture is no more a culture but science. This is the reason why organic farming has emerged as a booming sector and Sikkim has developed itself to be the first such state. It also is backed by the UN Award of the Organic State. Similarly, Cropex has organic products approved from the 6 certifying agencies viz. Control IMO, Vedic Organic IFOAM, IHSS, PMFAI and ICCOA.

The company since 1998, has been producing agrochemicals with the endeavor to offer eco-friendly and result oriented agrochemicals.

The salient features of the company are :

  1. Product technology patent no.

  2. Appreciated by the Ministry of Agriculture

  3. Certified Organic

  4. Well equipped manufacturing facilities

  5. Successfully tested for biodegradation and non toxicity at National Toxicology Centre, Pune.

  6. Product provides farmers with great advantage of nourishing and protecting their crops with healthier output leaving no residual effect.

  7. Certified by Andhra Pradesh Government.

Few of the approved organic agrochemicals  and their details are mentioned below :

ECOFIT for fungal diseases

This product targets Blasts, Leaf spot, Powdery mildew and downy mildew, Early blight etc. on paddy, potato, tomato, and grapes. Spray once in 7-10 days for effective control. Dosage required is 2-3 gm/ 2-3 ml per litre of water

The company has been making sure since its conception till this date that all the agrochemicals are advanced and are manufactured employing a blend of traditional and modern manufacturing processes. Also, it has proved that plants can be protected from diseases and pests, without the use of harmful synthetic substances.

The company’s efforts are also been recognized by Karnataka State Department of Agriculture by including company’s name in the official "Organic Farming Directory of Karnataka" as Input Manufacturers.

These are available in Bulk, Private Label & Brands - To  Contact, please find the information below : 
Phone: 7349423613, 
E-mail: farmercare@cropex.in 
For more information : visit website www.cropex.in

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