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2 Lakhs in 6 months from DRUMSTICKS : Farmer’s Success

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Santosh Sambhaji Kalane, of Village Balwant Station, Taluka : Sri Gonda, district Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, (Mobile No.09960611855) has created a record in the production of Drumstick.  It is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree, native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India, and widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas where its young seed pods and leaves are used as vegetables. It can also be used for water purification and hand washing, and is sometimes used in herbal medicine.

Techniques Adopted

The techniques adopted by him is mentioned herein:

  1. Land preparation in the month of May 2008

  2. Variety used was CO- I

  3. Treatment of seed with Tricoderna VDT

  4. Sowing of seeds in June 2008

  5. Spacing used was 10 ft x 10 ft and two seeds were planted in each pit

  6. After 15 days of seeding, 125 kg urea / ha was applied through ring method

  7. 1 kg organic manure per pit was used after 15 days of seeding.

  8. The same manure was used in 45 days interval several time.

  9. After two months of seeding, 125 kg DAP, 125 kg NPK 10 : 26 : 26 were mixed and app lied in ring

  10. In January 2009, cow urine was app lied through drip

  11. A mixture of 250 kg urea+ 125 kg NPI, 10: 26: 26 +  125 kg DAP + 30 kg Plants high plant growth regulator was applied / ha

  12. Needed interculture was done, but no irrigation was applied during rainy season. From December (2008) onward irrigation was applied at an interval of 4 days through drip, but during dry season, he also irrigated through furrow

  13. Prunning of branches were resorted to, after 15 days of seeding

  14. As a result, lateral branching increased.

  15. After a month of 1st prunning, medium height branches were prunned at a height of 6 ft.

  16. Third time, prunning was done at a height of 9 ft. As a result, branching was profused and afterwards plants become fruit bearing.

  17. After harvesting, a bundle of 10-12 kg is made and sent to Pune and Mumbai.

  18. All necessary measures of plant protection were undertaken.

  19. Regular field visits was carried out.

  20. Stem borers, if located, were immediately destroyed with a peg and a mixture of Kerosine and microtophos were applied in the holes and then was closed with mud.

  21. After a month of seeding, Cypermethyne (5%) and Chloropyriphos mixture was prepared and used @ 2 ml / llit when fruiting started.

  22. A mixture of dichlorophos 76% EC (2 ml / lit) and thiophunate methyl 70% WP (0.5g / lit) was sprayed.

  23. To control powdery mildew (disease), Microbutanyl 10 WP (0.5 g / lit) was sprayed.

  24. A Pheromon trap was installed  for 20 plants each.

Drumstick is a perennial plant. Therefore one harvesting does not stop the necessary operation. For higher yield, after the first harvesting proper management is essential. After the last harvest in May, the prunning of branches is resorted to and borduex mixture is used in the cut portion of the plant. Then 20 kg FYM + 800 g SSP per Plant was added. After 3 months of this, 250 kg NPK 10: 26: 26 + 250 kg DAP + 125 kg urea/ ha were used. It is expected  to get higher yield in the second yea r. In the first year , a yield of 25 t / ha was obtained. The economics of 1st year cultivation is mentioned in Table. The profit is likely to increase in second year onwards.

Table - Economics of DS cultivation (Rs. / ha)

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