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A Daily wage Labourer to get Best Farmer Tilak Award from Kerala Government; Binsi Shares her Success Story

The Binsi-James couple of Idukki need not be introduced to anyone who loves farming. Yes, they were a couple who had stepped into the steps of success in agriculture with a tireless mind in the difficult times of their lives.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Binsi Shares her Success Story
Binsi Shares her Success Story

The Binsi-James couple of Idukki need not be introduced to anyone who loves farming. Yes, they were a couple who had stepped into the steps of success in agriculture with a tireless mind in the difficult times of their lives. Bincy and James were workers in the garden. But the wages available from it were not enough to cover the expenses of the family, which included their three children. Binsi had been in farming for years, but it hasn’t been long since agriculture was taken as a livelihood. The biggest thing is that in this short time, Binsi and her family was able to secure a sustainable livelihood from agriculture. They have not only been able to cultivate organically but also find a market through media.  

At present they stand where they are appreciated by many including the Government and the State of Kerala. The recognition of their hard work is immense. They were awarded with the “Best Farmer Tilak" award from the Kerala State Government last year and this was an amazing recognition for BINSI.   

The two ecosystems they initially chose were bee keeping and cardamom cultivation. But both were lessons of failure that taught Binsi. The yield was only for a short period  from the cardamom cultivation. This forced them to abandon their farming. But the guests who came home unexpectedly were  the guest of their life. The family, took to a new crop Bottle gourd and reaped success and had  hopes of success in farming. 

Binzi doesn’t hesitate to say that she used chemical fertilizer whiles he was cultivating cardamom. The use of chemical fertilizers has destroyed their expectations. Binsi insists that the use of chemical fertilizer is the reason why the fruit initially obtained was not upto the quality. This lesson has inspired Binsi and her family to shift to  organic farming . 

The unexpected yield from Bottle Gours inspired them to cultivate with more enthusiasm. Thus the 9 cents of the house was enriched with various vegetables. After this they started cultivating in some more land at Kumali and Attapalam. The place that was a waste land was converted to a beautiful vegetable garden today. But the question of how to find the market for their products bothered them. It was at this time that the idea of seed sales through the new media comes to them. Today, there are many people around us who buy their quality seeds. This idea strengthened their desire to turn to seed saving... Today, many people come here to see and learn more about agriculture.  

They were also affected by the 2018 floods and the family was financially devastated. They were in a state of starvation. But the family returned to the farm without giving up hope. Binsi remembers all who  stood around them, supported and shaded  the family. This time they strengthened their marketing and their products were sold through the 'NattuNanam Nattu Market' programme organized at Kakkanad Panchayat School. Binzi was able to make a good income from this.  

Now after many failures  Binsi is a stellar performer not only in vegetable cultivation, but also in sheep farming, cow rearing, fish farming, quail rearing, beekeeping, duck farming and rainforest farming. Their secret to success is their love and dedication to soil and agriculture. This soil-loving family pleads to the Society to take care of the  soil with love and care and  success is sure to  follow. 

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