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Know How Lemon Grass has become a Boon for Jharkhand Ladies

See, how lemongrass, which was once unknown for them, now has become the boon for these Jharkhand ladies, you must have listened about this in “Mann ki Baat” by our Prime Minister. Read the whole story here……

Sangeeta Soni
Unloading Lemon Grass
Unloading Lemon Grass

See, how lemongrass, which was once unknown for them, now has become the boon for these Jharkhand ladies, you must have listened about this in “Mann ki Baat” by our Prime Minister. Read the whole story here……

This is thestory of ladies from Bishunpur village of Gumla district which is 120 km far from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. These ladies are now financially self-dependent by cultivating lemongrass. Even our Prime Minister included their success story in “Mann ki Baat” on 26 July 2020.

Ladies of Sakhi Mandal connected with medicinal plants farming by Gramin Seva Kendra and now they are cultivating lemongrass, which is also one of the medicinal herbs. 500 ladies of Bishunpur village are earning through this lemongrass farming.

Lemon Grass farming became the source of earning for Millions

Sumati Devi of Rahkuba group of Bishunpur who started lemongrass farming on her 26 thousand square feet land after taking a loan, said, “I’ve not even listened about lemongrass ever but now after knowing about its benefits, we suggest others also about the farming of lemongrass.

Lemongrass for us is like gold on barren land. We got training about this under the Women Farmer Empowerment project. And I’ve started the farming of lemongrass this year only in the month of January. Despite the lockdown so far, about 1 lakh 10 thousand have been earned, while the expenditure on farming was only Rs. 22 thousand.”

Ladies standing in the field
Ladies standing in the field

And Rupmurti Devi of NavagadhSirka village also cultivated lemongrass on her 22 thousand square feet of land and earned about 1 lakh 45 thousand. Rupmurti Devi also mentioned that the farming of lemongrass has improved their financial condition for the last two years.

One more female farmer from Sirka village, Basanti Devi said, “We have started lemongrass farming in the year 2018 and now I’m cultivating lemongrass on 10 acres of land, and presently 25 lakh plants of lemongrass are there on my farm. I’m happy to mention that now we are able to earn from the land which was once barren and of no use.”

Lemongrass farming- Less Expenditure & More Profit

Sumati Devi mentioned that, on average, for the cultivation of lemongrass on one acre of land, expenditure is about Rs. 20 to 25 thousand and after four months, when the crop is ready for harvesting, it is worth Rs. 1 lakh. In this way, around 77,000 can be earned from single harvesting. And stalks of lemongrass are used to extract oil and the cost of one stalk is about 20-30 paisa.

According to Sumati Devi, the cost of lemongrass oil is about Rs. 3000 per liter and is sold to wholesale traders at about Rs. 2000 per liter. Leaves of lemongrass are also sold at higher rates.

Benefits of Lemongrass

  • The importance of lemongrass is because of its fragrant leaves.

  • By the vapor distillation of lemongrass, oil is extracted which is used in many cosmetics, beauty products, medicines, and pesticides.

  • Lemongrass can also be used as an antioxidant.

How do lemongrass farming for earning in millions?

Lemongrass can be easily cultivated even on barren land. And after single sowing, harvesting can be done for up to 5 years and that too 3-4 times per year for good income. Lemongrass can be cultivated on all types of sand and it is an aromatic plant.

After growing a single plant of lemongrass, many plants can be prepared and cultivated from that. Transplantation can be done from July to September month. And very less irrigation is required.

In Jharkhand, Under Livelihood Mission, ladies of Sudoor after taking a loan from Sakhi Mandal, are also earning a good amount by the farming of lemongrass.

As the price of lemongrass oil is good in the market, so looking at this, Gramin Seva Kendra has also installed a distillation unit for Sakhi Mandal under livelihood mission, so that processing of lemongrass oil can also aid in good earning.

This initiative has increased self-confidence in Farmer ladies. Along with the farming lemongrass and processing and packaging of lemongrass oil, ladies are also cultivating other medicinal plants and selling them at good prices.

There are thousands of ladies like Sumati Devi, Basantidevi, and Rupmurti Devi who are doing lemongrass farming under the Women Farmer Empowerment Project from around 31 villages of 16 districts.

Women farmers are becoming independent by the farming of medicinal plants like lemongrass. And, this is just the starting, they can do far more than that and will do for sure. Krishi Jagran salutes women farmers like this who are ready to break old stereotypes and become independent.

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