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Meet the Farmer Who Transformed His Family's Farm into a Thriving Organic Business

Mathewkutty Tom, a resident of Kerala, made the decision to leave his job and devote his time to running TJT Farm, an organic paradise where he grows a variety of vegetables and fruits. In an interview, he shares the methods he used to maximize profits and achieve success on his farm.

Shruti Kandwal
Mathewkutty decided to take a leap of faith and return to his hometown to manage his family's farmland.
Mathewkutty decided to take a leap of faith and return to his hometown to manage his family's farmland.

Mathewkutty Tom was born and raised in the small town of Kottayam in India. After completing his MBA, he landed a job in a multinational car manufacturing company. However, his heart yearned for something else. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and become a farmer.

Despite the challenges that come with farming, Mathewkutty decided to take a leap of faith and return to his hometown to manage his family's farmland. However, he soon discovered that traditional farmers were often taken advantage of by middlemen. Despite producing high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, Mathewkutty struggled to make a profit in the early years.

Determined to make a success of his venture, Mathewkutty decided to combine his business acumen with his farming skills. He started by incorporating mixed or integrated farming techniques, which involved growing crops and breeding animals on one farm. He also used waste from one product as food for another, which helped to reduce waste and cut costs.

Mathewkutty's farm, TJT, now produces a wide range of fruits and vegetables, ornamental fish, and birds. The farm has five ponds, where Mathewkutty breeds various types of fish. He also grows seasonal vegetables and exotic fruits, including rambutan and mangosteen. By selling an average of two tonnes of produce per month, he earns up to Rs 5 lakh. Mathewkutty sells his produce directly to customers through his store in the locality or delivers it to their homes.

One of the advantages of Mathewkutty's integrated farming model is the utilization of waste. He uses animal excreta as manure for his crops and also sells it to farmers and urban terrace gardeners. Additionally, the animal waste is used in a biogas plant that covers the entire family's and processing unit's LPG needs throughout the year. Mathewkutty's farm also has a half-acre space for growing fodder for the animals, which helps to cut down costs.

Mathewkutty's efforts in building a successful farm have been recognized by the state government. He received the Young Farmer Award from the Kerala government in 2015 and the Young Farmer Award from the Kerala State Animal Husbandry Department in 2022.

Mathewkutty hopes that more young people will follow in his footsteps and become farmers. He believes that traditional farming methods are not enough to sustain a successful farming business in today's economy. Instead, he encourages aspiring farmers to incorporate modern techniques and become agripreneurs. Although it may require more investment and effort, Mathewkutty believes that success is assured in the long run.

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