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Multiplied 5 GOATS to 23 in 3 years : Andaman Farmer

56 year old, lady farmer of Kodiyaghat, South Andaman started goat farming with 5 goats about 3 years back.

KJ Staff

56-year-old, lady farmer Smt. Ramjiyayi of Kodiyaghat, South Andaman started goat farming with 5 goats about 3 years back. The awareness program by ICAR-CIARI motivated her to register herself in the project.

Smt. Ramjiyayi was introduced to the technical intervention regarding:

  • Feeding management,

  • Housing,

  • Timely deworming,

  • Health Management,

  • Feeding of mineral mixtures and

  • Selection of superior germplasm.

She started feeding mineral supplementation and did regular deworming which showed great impact in terms of body weight gain and reproductive efficiency. With constant support and guidance, she has increased her stock to 23 goats and is delighted about her progress.

Adopting the scientific ways of farming, she reared the flock in a systematic way. She feeds her flock with wheat/rice with mineral supplements and then allows them to graze in the forest/open field area near her house for 5-6 hours. She keeps the goat shelter clean for the prevention of diseases.

Goats in the field
Goats in the field

She understood the importance of feeding colostrums to the kids. She sold the goats on the basis of body weight. The disadvantages due to the inbreeding in the flock were noticed by her.

She focused on the importance of the identification of goats and keeping records. Her focus on one of the most important practices i.e. concentrated feeding with mineral mixtures and a regular deworming schedule helped her.

Started with only 5 goats, Now Ramjiyayi has 23 goats and she earns annually Rs. 50,000/- by selling bucks only. The constant hard work and proper management of the animals reared her the profits she deserved.

Before adopting the technology from ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair under the project AICRP on Goat Improvement, her annual income from goat farming was approx. Rs.35,000/- only which got increased up to Rs.60,000/- within 2 years and Rs.20,000/- by selling of cow.

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