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PM-Kusum Yojana Increases the Income of This Farmer by 200 Times; Provides Rs 4 lakh Monthly

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Solar pumps
Solar Pump Installed at Farm

We all might have heard about Centre’s popular scheme ‘PM-KUSUM’ but we don’t know that how this scheme is helping in increasing the income of farmers by 200 times.  Today we will tell you about a farmer who has been making use of this scheme to boost his income.

Amit Singh is a doctor-turned-solar-entrepreneur from Kanwarpura village in Rajasthan. Singh has been using Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan , popularly known as PM-KUSUM yojana to increase his income by two hundred times along with providing clean energy to the farming community.

How and when everything started

His village was facing a huge water crisis when Singh decided to look for a modern solution for his deteriorating field and that was the time he became the first person in the country to generate income by selling clean energy to the power distribution companies through PM-KUSUM yojana.

Singh was always mesmerized by the concept of solar energy and he had powered his small clinic in the village with a grid solar power system. Hence when PM KUSUM scheme provided him with an opportunity to diversify his dream, he just didn’t hesitate.

But it was not easy for him to start as he had some financial issues. He faced problems while arranging finances & getting necessary help. But he didn’t’ lose hope and firmly believed that clean energy is the only way forward and the government scheme can increase income of farmers with barren lands & can further benefit the entire community.

Equipment cost details (excluding cost of land)

Below we have mentioned the cost of equipment;

Solar panel - Rs 2 crore

Structure-GI - Rs 50 lakh

Inverter - Rs 40 lakh

Wiring - Rs 10 lakh

Transmission line & safety equipment - Rs 40 lakh

Government fees - Rs 10 lakh

How to register/apply for PM Kusum Yojana

To apply for PM KUSUM scheme, you will have to visit the official website of the government. After filling the registration form online, you will have to give necessary information like Aadhaar card, land documents, including Khasra Khatauni, a declaration form, bank account details, etc. Once the application form & documents are approved, you will get registered for PM Kusum Yojana.

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