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Remaking Heritage: The spectacular rise of Dehradun Basmati and the success of Ashish Rajvanshi

The heartland of Uttarakhand is dotted with snow-kissed valleys and greenery with traditional and agricultural revival roots matched with a success story Meet Ashish Rajvanshi, a young, dynamic farmer not unlike the once-vanishing Dehradun basmati rice has only been revived.

KJ Staff

How Property Revived

Among the rice varieties, the gemstone Dehradun Basmati has an interesting history associated with the British-Afghan War. When Dost Mohammad Khan, the ruler of Afghanistan sought solace in the tranquility of Mussoorie after his defeat, his desire for genuine basmati prompted him to plant seeds in the Dehradun valley from Afghanistan and this gave rise to Dehradun Basmati the empire began in India.

However, urbanization and changing priorities have decimated its agriculture, threatening its survival. Ashish Rajvanshi inherited his father’s agricultural heritage and realized the importance of this heirloom grain and embarked on a mission to revive it

Quality Improvement

After completing his college education, Ashish Rajvanshi started his journey in agriculture. Armed with dedication and vision, he carefully managed 80 bighas of agricultural land, focusing primarily on Dehradun and Basmati cultivation. Taking advantage of Dehradun's fertile soil through various crop rotation techniques, he has revived the production of this perennial crop, which has spent nine months tracking its journey from commodity to when time to production

Growth Nutrition

Determined to break with the traditional practices of selling through intermediaries, Ashish Rajvanshi decided to create his market. Realizing the potential of Dehradun Basmati, he started promoting it directly to consumers around the middle class. Through various promotional strategies through newspapers and word of mouth, he established the market demand for his Dehradun Basmati and came up with premium prices.

Prosperity Seed

Despite lower yields compared to other rice varieties, Ashish Rajvanshi’s ingenious farming techniques in combination with the cultivation of various crops yields an income of Rs. 15 to 16 lakhs. He recommends that fellow farmers take a similar approach, urging them to market their produce locally for better returns and sustainable growth.

Future Green Horizon

Ashish Rajvanshi’s journey signifies a blend of tradition, innovation and sustainable development. Its success not only improves the fortunes of Dehradun Basmati, but is also a compelling testimony to the power of conscious agricultural practices. As he cultivates fields, his story resonates as a beacon of hope for a greener and more prosperous future on the farm.

Ashish Rajvanshi’s story shines brightly in the quilt of Indian agriculture—a testament to the resilience, conservation of heritage and the transformative power of visionary agricultural practices.

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