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This Couple is Growing World's Most Expensive Mangoes; You Will be Shocked to Know The Price!

A couple from Madhya Pradesh accidentally came across the world's most expensive mango seedling, having no idea whatsoever about the specialty of the seedling, they planted it and were shocked to find out what they have reaped.

Kritika Madhukar
After, burglars tried to steal mangoes from their orchard, the couple employed security guards and dogs
After, burglars tried to steal mangoes from their orchard, the couple employed security guards and dogs

Different varieties of mangoes are grown in India such as Langda, Alphonso, Dusehri, Bainganpali, etc. But have you ever heard about the most expensive variety of mango? Well, the purple mango, also known as Miyazki mango is the world's costliest breed of mango. The Miyazaki mangoes are native to Japan. 

The price of Miyazaki mango in the international market is nearly Rs 2.70 lakh per kg. According to some media reports, two trees of this mango type are being planted in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, and they are being heavily guarded by security personnel and dogs.

The Producer of Miyazaki Mango

Miyazaki mango crop was primarily grown in Japan. Miyazaki mangoes are mostly grown in the Japanese city of Miyazaki, which is located in the Kyushu region. According to the Japanese press reports, the Miyazaki mango was initially cultivated in Miyazaki between the years of 1970s and 1980s. The city's climate is ideal for mango cultivation, with mild weather, long hours of sunlight, and plenty of rain.

Couple in India Growing Miyazaki Mango 

Rani and Sankalp Parihar, a Madhya Pradesh orchardist couple, are proud but cautious proprietors of the world's most expensive mango variety, the Japanese Miyazaki. They never intended to cultivate this particular mango type; it just happened by coincidence. 

Sankalp Parihar, according to a media report, was on his way to Chennai to buy seedlings. On the train, he met a man who presented him with these mango seedlings and instructed him to care for them as if they were his children. Sankalp and Rani Parihar planted the mango seedlings without realizing what kind of mangoes they were planting. When the trees produced fruit last year, they noticed that the mangoes were quite different. They were ruby red in hue and big. 

Later, the pair did some research online and discovered that it was Japanese Miyazaki, the world's most expensive mango. Sankalp named this variety of Mangoes Damini, after his Mother. Sankalp's Damini mangoes or Miyazaki mangoes are both high-priced fruits. According to Japanese media sources, they sold for roughly 2.7 lakh per kilogram in the foreign market in 2020. Since these mangoes are so valuable, they are frequently stolen. 

After burglars allegedly attempted to steal the mangoes from their garden. After this incident, they have now employed four security officers and 6 dogs to guard them. They were reportedly offered Rs 21,000 per kg for the mangoes by a businessman last year, but they turned it down. They want to offer the first mango to God. 

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