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While production of fish in Andhra Pradesh has not decreased, exports to other states, especially to the North and North Eastern states, have slowed due to price fluctuations. The closure of markets in the north, particularly in Delhi, has had an impact on the price of fish from the state.

The bulk of the fish shipped to Northern states are Rohu and Catla, with the Pangasia range coming in last. Where there is a greater demand for fish from the province, such as Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, movement restrictions have been levied, and Delhi has been put under lockdown.

“Despite the state's emergency steps by suspending perishable goods shipment after the Covid first wave last year, the Covid-imposed lockout disrupted the supply chain. Since nearly all states' markets were closed, fish farmers in the state had lost money.

Today, there is no such situation because there is no shutdown, but restricted access to markets in the north, especially Delhi, Asia's largest market, is affecting fish prices,” said Nagi Reddy, a fish farmer in Krishna district.

Pangasia, the favorite variety of those in Delhi and Punjab, is experiencing a price decline, according to another fish producer from the neighboring West Godavari district. “Several farmers have yet to harvest in significant quantities for fear that the Covid condition will worsen,” he added.

There have been no signs of a reduction in fish exports, according to a senior official in the Fisheries Department. “The volume of exports has decreased in comparison to previous years. That may be due mostly to an increase in local demand.

However, due to market closures in some Northern states this week, rates could be affected,” he added. Farmers are now concerned about a potential labor crisis in the coming days, as the state's Covid condition worsens. They're now at a loss as to what to do to avoid further damages.

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