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This Man Quits his Job for Lemongrass Farming and is Now Earning in Lakhs

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Sameer Chaddha

While many farmers in the country are abandoning farming considering it as a loss deal, many young generation people are choosing farming as their career. This is the story of one such young farmer Sameer Chaddha from Lucknow who chose to make his career in the agriculture field. And not only this, but Sameer is also motivating other youth farmers for farming and also giving free training for agriculture practices.  

Sameer has discovered many such techniques in the field of farming by which not only he is gaining profit but also people around him are also utilizing those techniques and gaining profits.

But how all this happened?

Let’s know the whole story from the beginning….

Beginning of the Story

Sameer’s family has been doing farming for a long time, and he too was attached to farming since childhood. Sameer used to support his family in farming after passing 12th during his graduation. After completing his studies, Sameer worked in the education sector for some time. But, his heart was attached to farming and he wanted to make some improvements and upgrade the farming sector.

So finally from the year 2014, he devoted himself to farming. He grew Wheat, Paddy, and many other vegetables in the beginning. But later he started the farming of aromatic crops. And in that, he found the best deals of Lemongrass and Vetiver. In India, Vetiver is commonly known as Khas.  

Sameer said, “Lemongrass is the crop which has become the kind of assurance. Once sown, this crop can be used to extract the oil for 7 to 8 years. Lemongrass has become such a crop, which once planted, will continue to give return and does not need much maintenance. And apart from this, I planted Khas to earn money, which is in demand in India’s paan masala industry, food, and beverage industry, and also in the Ayurvedic medicine industry. And apart from this, Khas is used to make perfumes and not only in Indian perfume industries, but it is exported to European industries also to make expensive perfumes.


Benefits and Uses of Lemongrass

Other than this, Sameer also mentioned the benefits of Lemongrass. The oil extracted from Lemongrass is used in many fields. He told that it is used in many industries including the fragrance and flavor industry, food and beverage industry, soap, detergent and cleaning products manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical industry, and pesticide manufacturing industry. And it is also used in making hand sanitizers. Apart from all this, Lemongrass has its importance in aromatherapy and spa.

Sameer said, “Farmers across our country can be benefitted from Lemongrass farming, as its annual consumption is around 10 thousand tonnes and presently only 5-6 thousand tonnes can be produced in the country. Therefore, our country needs to import Lemongrass oil from other countries.”

And where there is a need or shortage, there is an opportunity...

Sameer also mentioned one more advantage of this farming that it is easy to carry. Goods worth Rs. 75,000 can be taken in the can of 50 lit and sold wherever there is demand, and the farmer is getting good profit.

Sameer said that Lemongrass and Khas are the two crops that can be grown anywhere in the country and also gives a good yield. And can be grown anywhere including dry places, water shortage areas, and areas with soil issues. And one more thing he mentioned that in every state there are 20-25 creditors of Lemongrass and Khas. So, if farmers grow these crops, they can get buyers in their state and they won’t need to go too far to sell their crops.

According to Sameer, in both of these crops, a farmer can earn nearly one to one a half lakh per acre of land after deducting cultivation expenses.

Threat that can be Converted into Opportunity

Sameer also mentioned one threat, according to him, if farmers want to start the farming of these two crops, they must check that if there is a distillation tank to extract oil from these crops in their area or not. If not, the installation of a distillation tank will cost near to one or one and a half lakh. If farmers can incur this expense, then it will turn into a benefit for them, as if other farmers will also do Lemongrass farming in their area, they can also use your distillation tank and you can earn rent from that. And in this way, you can give employment o others also in your nearby area. Around 15 aromatic plants' oil can be extracted in the distillation tank.


Looking at Sameer becoming successful in aromatic plant farming, farmers all over the country contact him and come to him to get knowledge about this farming. Sameer said, “I give training for this farming every month, 20-25 farmers every month. Farmers from every state have come to me, and I am also giving online training during the lockdown, for this, I do not take any charge, I train them for free.” And not only this, but Sameer also helps farmers in the marketing of their crops.

Contact Information

Sameer said that one just needs to start and that too with some patience, as he too didn’t make much profit in the first two years, but farming is a good deal to start working with less investment.

And therefore, he is moving forward with farming as a career and also wants to motivate others for the same.

If you also want to proceed forward with getting knowledge about this kind of farming from Sameer, you can contact him on this number.

Contact number- 9554180717

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Happy Farming…!!

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