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Transforming Persistence into Prosperity: Aziz's Journey from Poultry Challenges to Rs 10 Lakh Annual Earning

Aziz's determination led him to earn up to Rs 10 lakh annually from poultry farming, starting from his village in Bihar. His farm's eggs now reach far and wide, marking a remarkable success story.

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Meet Noor Aziz, a Bihar native and a masters degree holder from Jaypee University, Chapra. His entrepreneurial dreams led him to venture into poultry farming in his village. Aziz's endeavor has evolved into a thriving business, currently yielding him a substantial annual income, reportedly reaching up to Rs 10 lakh through poultry farming.

Aziz's tale epitomizes the notion that where there's a will, there's a way. Let's explore the remarkable journey of Bihar's Aziz, filled with challenges and triumphs:

Initiating the Poultry Farming Business

Post his master's degree, Aziz initiated his egg production-based poultry farming business in his hometown. He encountered numerous hurdles along the way, however, he didn't give up. Initially, he started selling eggs in local markets, and gradually expanded his market reach, supplying eggs to neighboring districts, thereby bolstering his income.

Managing Over 8,500 Chickens

Aziz's farm hosts around 8,500 chickens dedicated solely to egg production. He shared insights into the process, stating that hens take approximately four months to mature before they commence laying eggs. Once initiated, a hen consistently lays eggs daily for the subsequent 18 months. Upon completion of this cycle, Aziz replaces them with new breeds to sustain the continuous egg production process.

Employment Generation and Business Expansion

Aziz's poultry farm has become a source of employment for numerous individuals who contribute significantly to various tasks involved in chicken care and farm management. The complexities of poultry farming demand a collective effort rather than the work of a single individual.

Annual Income and Seasonal Variations

Aziz's annual earnings from poultry farming soar up to Rs 10 lakh. Maintaining 8,500 hens incurs daily expenses of approximately Rs 20,000. The farm manages to sell between 21,000 to 23,000 eggs daily. Notably, during winters, egg prices surge, consequently elevating Aziz's earnings during the colder months.

Aziz's journey from a determined entrepreneur to a successful poultry farmer exemplifies dedication, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to realizing his dreams. His story stands as an inspiration, proving that resilience and perseverance pave the path to prosperity.

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