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Agri Hub: Dubai Will Soon Become World’s Largest Agritourism Destination

Agri Hub will provide local farmers with an opportunity to sell their products directly from their farms, while also offering visitors a new eco-friendly shopping, dining and education experience.

Shivam Dwivedi
Agritourism generates employment and revenue for farmers and surrounding communities, as well as providing a 'rural experience' to visitors.
Agritourism generates employment and revenue for farmers and surrounding communities, as well as providing a 'rural experience' to visitors.

To strengthen its position as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Dubai plans to transform its desertscape to make room for a massive eco-friendly agritourism monument. The Agri Hub, proposed by the architectural firm URB, will be entirely powered by renewable energy and weave facilities for shopping, business, education, and recreation into a serpentine metallic form that blends in with its surrounding environment.

The project is part of the emirate's larger initiative to establish itself as a global leader in rural ecotourism. Agri Hub will improve farmers' lives while enriching the environment and local culture by promoting a green economy and fostering the sustainability of local communities, heritage, and cultural landscapes.

Promoting Green Economy:

URB's Agri Hub will welcome tourists for an educational and recreational experience in the heart of the desert, with a nature and heritage conservation centre, ecotourism and restorative wellness facilities, and an Agri-tech institute that will create a collaborative research and innovation ecosystem.

Over 10,000 new jobs will be created in various sectors, promoting a green economy for local rural farmer residents and improving their quality of life.

The monumental structure, topped by a delicate geometric design, gives visitors a sense of being immersed in nature, both inside and out, thanks to its design and typology. The design team continues to incorporate natural elements within the interior as it winds through Dubai's lush palm trees and farmland landscape.

Beginning with offsetting its embodied carbon emissions from construction and operation, the Agri Hub will serve as a model for future decarbonized rural destinations.

Its other environmental features include its 100% renewable energy and water recycling systems, bio-saline agriculture, green transit systems, and on-site zero waste management.

Agri Hub will provide spaces for local farmers to sell their products directly from their farms while also providing visitors with a new eco-friendly shopping, dining, and edutainment experience. The project will provide a new tourism experience in Dubai's countryside and wilderness and promote excellent health, well-being, and prosperity for rural local residents.

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