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Agriculture Export Business Flourished during Covid-19 Lockdown

Agriculture export business has witnessed a hike in profit during the lockdown months from April to September. Almost 46.7% raise has been recorded which made the commercial export much more stable than last year.

Prity Barman

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has caused huge loss to many businesses and other jobs sectors. However, the agriculture export sector has touched new heights in the business world even in this dark hour of crisis.

In the last six months, a rise of almost 43% was seen, from Rs. 37, 379 crore to Rs. 53, 626.6 crore which is a huge increase in the profit from export.

According to an official, the export of the agriculture produce has brought positive strength in the commercial sector with an average of Rs. 9,000 crore each month from April to September.

This year the agriculture export business has seen a huge raise in the profit especially in the month of September which is recorded as 81.7% increase to Rs.9, 296 crore whereas last year in the month of September it was only up to Rs. 5114 crore.

Among the agriculture commodities majorly rise in export was seen in Non Basmati, basmati rice, sugar, wheat and groundnut.

This whole increase in export is due to the government’s 2018 agriculture export coverage programme which provided the cash crops all the focus for being acknowledged as the centre for the collective export business. This programme also provided forums like the EPF which is also one of the main reasons for the hiked export across the nation as well as overseas.

The EPFs are formed on fruits like bananas, mangoes, pomegranate etc. and also on non basmati rice, onions and dairy which allowed the stakeholders to encourage the export of all these agriculture products to both national and international markets.

The government has recently introduced Agri Infra Fund in order to keep up the spirit of this new export increase in the Agriculture produces and give new heights to agriculture export  in future too.

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