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Government lifts ban on export of Bangalore Rose & Krishnapuram Onions

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Farmers from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka cultivating rose onions can relax now as the Indian government has chosen to lift the export ban on this onion variety known for its pungent smell.

On September 14 of this year, the Center chose to ban all export of onion varieties from the nation to build homegrown accessibility and to keep a check on the prices of the vegetable.

While the ban is still prevalent for most onion assortments, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) chose to allow export of 10,000 tonne onions of both Bangalore Rose and Krishnapuram (KP) assortments, which are sought after in numerous Asian nations rather than in local or domestic markets. These assortments are principally developed for exports.

As per the DGFT notice sent out on Friday, export of rose onion will be permitted through the Chennai Port and must be finished before March 31 one year from now.

Certification to be obtained:

An exporter from Bengaluru must obtain a certificate from the horticulture commissioner of Karnataka government affirming the item and the amount of the Bangalore Rose onions to be exported This declaration must be enlisted at Additional DGFT office in Bengaluru.

Likewise, those exporting Krishnapuram onions need to get a comparative certificate guaranteeing the item and amount from the assistant director of horticulture, Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, and this must be enrolled at the DGFT office in Chennai.

Farmers have been requesting the lifting of the ban on the rose onion assortment as there is no demand for it in the homegrown market. This onion assortment, which is more piquant and littler in size, is much sought after in countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Last September as well, the Govt. has restricted export of these little onions alongside different assortments. However, the ban was later lifted in the final quarter of the past budgetary year.

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