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Agriculture has the Potential to Make Uttar Pradesh a Trillion-dollar Economy in Next 5 Years: Yogi

Agriculture can play an important role in achieving the goal of making the state one trillion-dollar economy. This is also the strength of Uttar Pradesh.

Shruti Kandwal

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, claimed that the textile industry, together with agriculture, can significantly contribute to making the state a trillion-dollar economy. Yogi stated that UP has the potential to achieve this target while witnessing the presentation of the one trillion-dollar economy at Lok Bhavan.

Despite the unusual conditions brought on by the corona pandemic for the past two years, the state government's efforts have been successful in doubling Uttar Pradesh's economy.

He said that agriculture can play an important role in achieving the goal of making the state one trillion-dollar economy. This is also the strength of Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, agriculture has to be made the basis of the economic self-reliance of the people. The focus will have to be on the food processing sector. Productivity has to be increased by linking traditional farming with technology. For this, the agricultural activities of farmers will have to be linked with science.

Cold chain is being established across the state

The CM said that a large number of FPOs have been formed by the State Government with the aim of promoting agriculture-related activities. 

Cold chains are being established across the state for the storage of agricultural products.

He said that to achieve the goal of a one trillion-dollar economy, the investment would have to be attracted to the state on a large scale. Investment should be such that employment opportunities are created on a large scale. To make a trillion-dollar economy in the next five years, a team will have to be formed and coordinated efforts will be made. In addition, 5 crore employment opportunities will also have to be created in five years, so that the available manpower can be used to achieve this goal. For this work, everyone has to fulfill their respective responsibilities with team spirit.

Great demand for herbal products in the society

The Chief Minister said that there is a great demand for herbal products in society. In such a situation, AYUSH doctors, along with farmers, can scientifically advance the cultivation of herbs and make it profitable.

The products made from these can be used in the wellness centers they set up by themselves. This can generate employment on a large scale.

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