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Commercial Organic Curry Leaf Cultivation and Processing in Kerala for the first time

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Curry Leaves

Thanks to NABARD, the Gandhi Smaraka Gramaseva Kendram, SL Puram, Alleppey has achieved another landmark achievement in the cultivation and processing of curry leaves grown through Organic means. Perhaps, this is the first time commercial cultivation of curry leaf is being initiated in this region. The focus is on production without use of pesticides. 

Organic Curry Leaf Cultivation techniques 

Dried and fresh leaves of Curry leaves are always in demand. Organic inputs like Psuedomonus, Trichoderma, Basilus, Neem oil, cakes, Castor oil etc were supplied besides curryleaf seeds procured from Pedavadlapudi  curry leaf seed market in Andhra Pradesh. This initiative has showcased commercial cultivation of curry leaves in Kerala. This is a perennial crop and the plant can last for nearly 30 years. Harvesting of branches are done once in four months. 

Fresh leaves have local demand for culinary seasonings. Harvested fresh leaves are immersed in hot water (blanching) for sanitising. Good leaves are dried in solar house and plucked individually and sorted for packing. Drying can be done under shades.Organic Dry leaves have export demand. Dry leaves are used for grinding of different masalas too.  

Current Challenges 

The current challenges are in aggregation and enhancing production of fresh leaves as in Kerala curry leaf is being introduced for the first time as a commercial crop. 

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