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Earn, Don’t Burn! Know How Farmers are Earning Lakhs by Selling Crop Residues

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

If you have the courage to do something of your own, then it is not very difficult to pursue it and earn much more without depending on it. Virender Yadav of Haryana has done something similar. He has set a precedent which is giving handsome amount of earning along with good profits.  Often people move to other cities or abroad in search of job or livelihood. But Virendra Yadav, who lives in Faraz Majra village of Kaithal district of Haryana is coming back from abroad and earning millions of rupees. Let's know about the success story of this incredible man who is an inspiration and example to all farmers who have turned the problem of stubble burning into earnings.

Sets A New Milestone

32- year-old Virender Yadav had also got citizenship of Australia , but he preferred to return to his village to start farming. During this time, the problem of crop residue and stubble burning problem has arisen that time. Virendra says that both his daughters had become allergic due to pollution. Then he thought seriously about this problem and made up his mind to find a solution to this problem.

When he learned that stubble can be sold, he started to get exposure from several energy plants and paper. There was an assurance to give the full price for selling the straws. Then he started working as planned. Today Virendra is doing the work of buying and selling stubble from farmers' fields which can offer a biggest solution towards the major stubble burning problem.

Purchased at 50 percent

Virender Yadav has purchased a straw baler on 50 percent grant from the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare for making rectangular bundles of straw. This helps them a lot. 

50 lakhs earned in 1 season

In the paddy season, Virender Yadav has made 70 thousand quintal straw bundles from 3 thousand acres . He has sold 50 thousand quintal at Parali Agro Energy Plant at the rate of Rs. 135 per quintal . Apart from this, 10 thousand quintals of Parali have been sent to Sanson Paper Mill of Pihowa. According to media reports , he almost earned upto 94 million this season. He is making a lot of profit from this business. If the amount of the total expenditure is set aside , then they have already made a profit of 50 lakh rupees. In the same way, their earnings will continue, because in January and February, they will sell straw. At the moment ,Virender has machinery worth about Rs. 1.5 crore including 4 straw balers. With this, they work for stubble management.

Virendra Yadav says that all the investment was received in one season itself. The farmers who burn stubble in this way should take lessons from this business. Virendra is an inspiration to all farmers who have turned the problem of stubble into earnings.

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