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Farmers Are Facing Severe Fertilizer Scarcity; DAP Sold for Rs 300

In June and July, demand is at its peak, and any shortage, whether due to a lack of supply or stockpiling by unscrupulous traders, will result in significant reductions in agricultural output.

Chintu Das
Fertilizer crisis
Fertilizer crisis

The Kharif season has begun, and so has the sowing of various crops. This is the time when fertilizers are most needed. Farmers in Karnataka, on the other hand, are complaining about a chronic shortage and black marketing of this vital component for their farming operations. In June and July, demand is at its peak, and any shortage, whether due to a lack of supply or stockpiling by unscrupulous traders, will result in significant reductions in agricultural output.

"Traders are charging more than the actual cost." How will poor farmers be able to afford it? On Monday, a group of 200 farmers will protest in front of the tahsildar's office in Afzalpur, Kalaburagi," according to farmer leader Ramesh Hoogar.

"DAP is being sold for Rs 300 more than the marked price," claimed Baganna Kumbar, a farmer from Afzalpur. We've protested to the agriculture authorities about it." Protests are taking place all around the state. Farmers led by Kurubur Shanthakumar agitated in Mysuru district a few weeks ago.

Fertilizer Shortage Across Karnataka

Fertilisers are also in short supply in the districts of Kodagu and Hassan. Farmers in Kolar have complained about bogus fertiliser brands being delivered to them, in addition to black marketing and a lack of supplies. "I have received many concerns from throughout the state about fertiliser shortages and illegal marketing," JDS leader and former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy remarked.

The prices have been hiked up by unscrupulous dealers. Some Kolar farmers complained to me about fraudulent fertilisers. Black marketing and fraudulent fertilisers are the responsibility of the government. "Who claims there isn't a government?" "We protested outside the supply centre in Mysuru district," Kurubur Shantakumar stated. I've heard reports of a fertiliser scarcity from a variety of sources."

Farmer leaders have pointed out that there is a fertiliser scarcity in Haveri, which is also the home district of both Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Agriculture Minister BC Patil. "There is a scarcity of fertilisers in most parts of the state," claimed Congress leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. Even before agricultural activities begin, the government must stockpile seeds and fertilisers and supply them as needed.

The government's inaction has resulted in the current shortfall. At the very least, it should be awake now. This is something I discussed with the agriculture minister over the phone." "There is a shortage as well as rampant blackmarketing of fertilisers," KPCC president DK Shivakumar stated. The administration lacks the vision and the heart to comprehend the suffering of farmers." "Any scarcity of fertilisers is a failing of the agriculture department and state government," economist RS Deshpande remarked.

Why can't we have excess fertiliser stockpiles because they don't go bad? We've been hearing about fertiliser scarcity for years. Even ants make preparations for the next rainy season. "Can't we do it?" "There is no problem, and there is no shortage," BC Patil stated. "Instead of dealing with the problem, the government is denying it," claimed former agriculture minister and Congress politician Krishna Byregowda.

"There is no shortage," an agriculture department official stated. If there is a difficulty, it is due to logistical concerns, which we will resolve as soon as possible. On Monday, we'll transport fertiliser stocks to Kodagu and Hassan."

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