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Farmers to Get New Protein-rich Wheat Variety HD-3226

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

New Wheat Variety HD 3226 has been released for commercial cultivation in North Western Plain Zone constituting of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan (Except Kota and Udaipur Divisions), Western Uttar Pradesh (Except Jhansi Division), Jammu and Kathua district of J&K, Una district and Paonta Valley of H.P and Uttrakhand (Tarai region) under Irrigated, timely Sown Conditions. Farmers will be able to sow the new protein-rich wheat variety HD-3226 (Pusa Yashwashi) developed in the country this time in Rabi season. Farmers can get its seed from PUSA Institute from October onwards. The average yield of new wheat variety per hectare is 57.5 quintals and it is resistant to Karnal bunt disease along with yellow rust, white rust.

Dr. Rajbir Yadav, Principal Scientist of the genetic department of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute said that, farmers will get new variety of wheat HD-3,226 seeds from Pusa Campus from October, although seeds are available in limited quantity in the current Rabi. He also added that to prepare its seeds, MoU has been done recently with 35 to 40 private seed companies and hence farmers will get their seeds in plenty from next year.

Quality Parameters

Protein content is highest at 12.8 percent. He said that the amount of protein in it is 0.50 percent more than other varieties. It has 12.8 percent protein while other varieties of wheat have 12.3 percent protein (maximum),

  • Quantity of gluten is high in this variety.

  • Grain has good appearance, high sedimentation value and also high extraction rate.

  • 36.8 ppm is average Zinc content

Disease Resistance

  • This new variety is highly resistant to Yellow, Brown and Black rust.

  • It is also highly resistant to Karnal bunt, Powdery mildew, loose smut and foot rot.


The average yield of this new variety HD 3226 is 57.5 quintals per hectare, while the genetic yield potential is 79.60 quintals per hectare.

Fertilizer dose (Kg/ha)

Nitrogen: 150 (Urea @255 Kg/ha).

Phosphorus: 80 (DAP @ 175 Kg/ha)

Potash: 60 (MOP @ 100 Kg/ha)

At what time fertilizers should be applied : 1/3 nitrogen with full dose of phosphorus and potash at the time of sowing. Remaining nitrogen apply after first and second irrigation equally

Irrigation : 

First irrigation is done after 21 days after sowing and further irrigation as per need

When will crop be ready?

Crop will be ready in 142 days as said by Dr. Rajbir Yadav. To boost its yield, the variety should be sown in second half of October. Proper nitrogen management and use of two sprays as tank  mix-Chlormequat chloride  (Lihocin) at 0.2% plus  tebuconazole (Folicur 430  SC) at 0.1% of commercial  product dose at First Node  and Flag leaf. This variety is suitable for Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Terai region of Uttarakhand and parts of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. This wheat is also suitable for zero tillage method.


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